Priceless by Linda Kage

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

There is no secret that I totally love Linda Kage and her Forbidden Series. After Asher’s story I just had a feeling Brandt and Sarah will make me cry bog tears, and of course I was right. After Quinn, this Gamble is my favorite from the series, and my review will make you understand why.

The book follows Sarah, Mason’s little sister and Brandt Gamble, Noel’s brother. At the beginning we have some flashbacks on how the 2 of them befriended and we could see that their friendship runs deep. Sarah was the first person to talk to Brandt after Noel brought his brothers to live with him. At that time he was very shaken up, traumatized by his drugged mother and Sarah was his savior. Although things were not very simple for her either. She had cerebral palsy, a disease that was making her use a wheelchair and that enabled her to properly use her body appropriate. Still, she was amazingly smart and with a heart of gold. Having this illness, she was very a very close person, without friends, because everyone was judging her for her exterior.

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Brandt didn’t:) He was there for her every time, telling her how amazing and smart she is, what a good job she does in her recovery and what a great friend she is. He always saw her as beautiful, not giving a damn about her illness or limitations and in this was he began to love her. Their friendship love became something else throughout the years, but none of them had the courage to say anything because they were afraid of ruining their connection.

I loved the previous books but this one was extremely touching and sweet because I read about 2 best friends that are desperate for each other and that are ready to sacrifice anything to see the other well and happy. The kind of bond Sarah and Brandt had was one of a kind and it really overwhelmed me. There were some lines that made me tear up and I loved Brandt so much for growing up to be this wonderful and selfless man who helped Sarah so much.

This idea of seeing beyond the exterior, of loving someone despite physical limitations and only cherishing her beautiful soul made me love Brandt soooo much and admiring him. Even if he had such a hard childhood, without a proper mother, he grew up extremely well with her brothers and Aspen and I think Linda did a wonderful job in creating this character to give a lesson to those who only admire a shell instead of what lies inside.

 I hope I convinced you to give this book a try and to really experience a true and genuine love story:)


    1. I know❤❤ i just couldn’t stop thinking about it❤it melted my heart and i really hope there are similar couples out there that experience this type of love❤

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  1. OH MY!!!What a great review, you have me convinced I HAVE to read this soon, as soon as I get caught up on the series, I have fallen behind by a few books. But this series is so great and I LOVE the emotion she puts in these books. Each book is so unique and I love the way she develops the romances. Quite refreshing. Lovely review and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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    1. Would make me so happy if you read this book! it was amazing and it will certainly have a special place in my heart:D Happy new year to you too and take care:d


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