A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas


My ratings: 5/5 stars 

When you read little by little, chapter by chapter, so that the book won’t finish yet, you have a serious problem:)) This was my personal case when reading ACOWAR, because I loved this series to bits and even imagining that it will finish broke my heart. It was everything I ever wanted from a story, and can’t wait for May 1st, to read more about this amazing universe Sarah created.

Our heroes are at war and the odds are not favorable. They are outnumbered and any ally can be their salvation. Now that the King of Hybern wants to wipe out fairy and human, Feyre, Rhys and the Night army has to search for a plan to put a stop to everything before all they know will cease to exist. Alliances will be made, traitors will appear, but also many surprises will shock and thrill you, because this is how good the series can be!!

This I think was the most complex book, because the plot was amazingly written and the strategic info were very well put together. Amongst that, the variety of characters was overwhelming, but very exciting to read, because they all had their features and their role in the plot. In a small part of me compared it to Twilight- Breaking Dawn, when all of them got together to fight for the greater good against evil. The book was far from predictable, very smartly written and with a lot of details. I often wondered how much time did Sarah spend on research, because everything was very précised and accurate, describing the war details to making strategy on a battle field.

Beside the plot and it’s complexity, the bonds between the characters changed or became deeper. The latter is Rhys and Feyre, because now you get to see them in their full glory, surrounded by their people, being active as High Lord and Lady and fighting for their future. Feyre was amazing and strong, taking her role full force, guided by Rhys all the way. Their connection is stronger than ever and I was delighted to be witness to everything that happened between them, especially by the end of the book, when my hear stopped for 2 minutes:) She is fully devoted to her cause, to her people, and to her mate and her devotion runs farther than her own life.

467f3fa4e83c5b24ae1b037047f12a30Of course all my attention was on Rhys, because I love him as a character and I am very happy to have found him. His sacrifices, his love for his family, friends, people and Feyre have no end and you just can’t love him. I dare someone tell me Rhys is annoying and a lousy character because they will have a problem with him. All his jokes, sassy, dirty remarks, were very well written and exploring an exterior rough character, but with a heart of gold, was amazing for me:) He has to be simply one of the best heroes I’ve encountered in the past years, because his power but also his heart were matching.

I loved the way relationships went with Cassian and Nesta. I didn’t like Nesta much at first, but said yes to Cassian from the very begining and seeing what Sarah wants with them only made me more intrigued. Guess what? It worked!! I so loved their complicated relationship, when you think she hates him but in fact loves him. This tension is so packed and very satisfying, I just hope that in the next book we will get to see more from them, because they have a lot to sort out. I also have some question marks for Elain, Azriel and Lucien, but again, hopefully my questions will be answered in the next book.

Considering this adventure and the awesomeness of the series, I totally recommend to each and one of you to pick up your copy and read it. Don’t be discouraged by the length, when you are so addictive to everything this universe offers, you won’t notice that time passed. I recently bought the set of 3 in English, with a very cute box and I can’t wait to put it on my bookshelves, as a piece of interest. Enjoy:)



      1. A looot!! I really want to see more of feyre and rhys now that war is not upon them anymore!! And i need more on nesta and cassian!!❤️❤️what about you?

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      2. All the Feyre and Rhysand!! 💜💜
        I heard there might be a wedding and my heart can’t take it. (I’m very dramatic haha)
        & I can’t to see about Nesta and Cassian either.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Wedding?? I don’t think it will be feyre and rhys.. they already spoke their vows and everything.. but who knows??😬😬😬

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