Book Partners

Considering how much I love writing and reviewing, I have a long list of partners. However, my passion is not limited to books, I also write content for several brands and sites.
Book partners: 
>> Publishing houses: Epica, Corint, Publica, Storia Books, Nemira and Litera
>> Online stores: Books Express, Cartepedia and Libris.
>> Beauty: Notino, Bioderma, Yves Rocher, Melkior, Cupio, Forever, Nala, Note, Flormar, Recipiente Cosmetice, Farmec, Valentino Cosmetics, Pielor, Elf.
>> Others: Sweeteria, Pentru Corpul tau, Ravensburger, Viva Natura, Stabilo Romania, Sambucol Romania.
Sites for content: 
Experimenteaza, Spacer, Carmine Shoes, EcoTree, AutoCross Arena, Seoul Restaurant ,DJ High Way, Kiosque des Douceurs and