Best Romance

My list of favorite series can go on forever, but below you will find some examples of the most amazing and breath-taking books I’ve ever read. The order doesn’t count, I love them all and it is very difficult to rank them accordingly:

  1. On Dublin Street Series- by Samantha Young

I consider this one the best in terms of relationships, past issues and traumas, dramatic experiences, intense love scenes and way of dealing/coping/healing because you have amazing friends and family by your side. The series is made of 6 main books and 4 novellas, all with different characters and problems. The thing that I liked the most about all this books was the feeling of belonging to someone, the feeling of being accepted no matter your past. It really felt as entering a family and I love Samantha Young for managing to inflict such intensity to every book she wrote. My personal favorites from this series are book 3 Before Jamaica Lane and book 5 Echoes of Scotland Street.

2. Cocky Bastard/ Stuck-Up Suit/ Playboy Pilot by Penelope Ward

Penelope Ward is my all time favorite writer and I believe that anything she writes is amazing and a masterpiece. I haven’t found a single book that I disliked and in my opinion that underlines her talent and way of connecting with her readers. The 3 books presented above are generally very different, but all have her trademark. If you are a fan of Contemporary Romance and enjoy steamy scenes with class A male examples, this is the series for you. My personal favorite is Playboy Pilot.

3. Forbidden Men by Linda Kage

This series is similar to On Dublin Street, but inserted in a different background. The unity element is present, all of the characters being united by family bonds or strong friendship and as the plot progresses many links will be made, until closing the circle with the last book. Linda has a great writing style and what I enjoy the most about her is that her characters are not perfect, but we could read about their evolution and the way they manage to become worthy of our admiration and love. My personal favorites are book 2 To Professor with Love and book 4 With Every Heartbeat. The romantic scenes in this books are so special and each and every one has it’s different spark and unique elements to enjoy.

4. Hearts Series by L.H.Cosway

I’ve discovered this series by accident and since then, I am a dying fan. There are no words to describe the writer’s talent and amazing skills in sharing with us this special books. The stories are unique and each one manages to unravel you in so many ways that at the end, you don’t know which book to chose. The way the relationships are build here is intense, the bonds between the characters and like nothing you have ever seen and the context in which are placed is different from book to book. My personal favorite is book 1 Six of Hearts and book 3 King of Hearts.

5. Gabriel’s Series by Sylvain Reynard

Not only this is one of my favorite series, but thanks to this one, I have discovered one of my favorite writers and book boyfriend. I know, it’s a lot to digest:)) I am a dying fan of student-professor love story and this one is the best. I’ve read similar stories, but none is even getting near this series. The way the writer managed to describe the relationship between Gabriel and Julia is simply unique and this element won’t be found anywhere else, I can guarantee you this. Gabriel Emerson became my favorite book boyfriend because of his attitude, this confidence and his way of loving Julia. I don’t believe that any one can top him. I don’t have a favorite book, I consider all the series as one πŸ™‚

6. The Maddox Brothers by Jamie McGuire

Who has not heard of the Maddox Brothers? They are famous by their name, but after reading the series you will love each of them and realise how different and wonderful they are. Please be aware that being a Maddox doesn’t mean only good, being a Maddox implies being stubborn, short tempered, in different times an ass, but you will get use to the trademarks of this family. My personal favorite is Thomas Maddox and you can discover him in Beautiful Redemption.

7. Starcrossed Series by Leisa Rayven

This is an unique series and has a special place in my heart due to its hero Ethan Holt. He is one of the most complex heroes from my reading history and the story as such is intense and will leave you guarantee with a broken heart. After reading the first 2 books, you will definitely have a book hangover because the level of angst, drama and love will be so high, you feeling will get mixed up and you will need time to digest what just happened. Wicked Heart is separated from the first 2, it is a standalone, where Ethan’s sister is telling us her story.

8. Signs of Love by Mia Sheridan

Mia Sheridan is definitely one of my favorite writers and I consider her unique. In all the books that I’ve read, I didn’t encounter that amount of depth and emotional connection in all aspects. Every book has her trademark, her emotions and every love story is unforgettable. There are no words to describe the impact that this books had on me, and even though I’ve read them a couple of year ago, I still remember every detail and they way they made me feel. My personal favorite are Archer’s Voice and Becoming Calder+Finding Eden.

9. The Royals by Erin Watt

I’ve recently discovered this series and I considered it Addictive!! There is no other way of putting it and after reading it you will agree with me. The story line follows Ella, a young girl who recently lost her mother and she is forced by her guardian to come and live with him and his sons. They all hate her at the beginning, but gradually Ella will show them all that they are wrong about her. Sparks will fly between her and one of the Royals, making this a delicious love story, but with a lot of drama and twisted happenings. Totally recommend it.

10. Thoughtless by S.C.Stephens

Despite the controversy behind this series, I loved it. Know when you have mixed feeling concerning the morality of the plot, but you just can’t stay away? This series is the perfect example of loving it but questioning it at the same time. I don’t want to spoil much, but cheating is involved. Please read the book and try to put yourself in the characters position and see who you would have handled the situation. I’ve read it with am open mind and in conclusion I have come to love it deeply. Kellan Kyle is one of the best book boyfriends ever, despite the context.

11. Beautiful Bastard Series by Christina Lauren

I love this series for the unique writing style and humor. I don’t think I’ve read a funnier series than this one, making it delicious to follow. Not to mention the romantic scenes were extremely steamy and passionate.. Again, I liked the unity element that is present in the majority of the series mentioned above, where family always has your back and friends are there for you no matter what. The style is simple, with a lot of things going on, with drama and laughter, cries and funny moments, but you will love it. My personal favorite is book 4 Beautiful Secret.

12. Boudreaux Series by Kristen Proby

This series is very special for me and I feel like it doesn’t have the popularity that it deserves. The characters are amazing, the plot is incredible and brilliant exposed and again, we have the unity element, which I love. It is mandatory to have it in a series, to create this feeling of secure and belonging. If you haven’t read this, please give it a try. My personal favorite is book 2 Easy Charm.