Eclipse- Stephenie Meyer

My Rating: 4/5 Stars
Eclipse is the third book from the Twilight Series and from my opinion the most complex in action and characters all-together.
Comparing it to the first 2 ones, you can definitely see an evolution of the writing style and also of the plot. It was more alert, with a lot of things going on and a lot of connections were made between the previous books and this one.After all the issues between Edward and Bella dissipated, one question lingered: Will Bella accept to marry Edward? I know.. The question was popped suddenly at the end of New Moon and everybody was left hanging, wondering what Bella will answer. Of course, the romantic scene we all imagined will not happen very soon soon. Bella is determined to marry Edward under the condition to be transformed into a vampire. From this point on, there will be a lot of discussion whether Bella will face this transformation now on after their wedding. They are both very stubborn and eventually somebody will give in. I will let you discover who it will be.
Meaddow Scene- one of my favorites

Beside this romantic problem, bigger issued occur and they all have a name: Victoria. Yap, the villain vampire who wants revenge over her partner’s death is out for our couple again, but this time it won’t be smooth like in New Moon. Now thing get darker and more dangerous, because she is building an army of now-born and their destination is Forks.
Victoria is keen on killing anyone who had to do with James death, and her obsession is Bella and Edward.

Now, everybody has to work together to protect Bella, including the werewolves. I had so much fun reading the way they cooperated, and the way they managed to learn from each other. I enjoyed the harmony between both species, even if they were natural enemies. The fact that they stood together for a cause made me believe so much that they could actually co-exist and leave it all behind.

The element that made me give this book 4 stars was the love triangle made of Bella-Edward-Jacob. If you thought New Moon was packed with tension and challenges, just wait until you read this one. Bella kind of annoyed me because I am Team Edward all the way and just couldn’t understand why was she so confused between the 2 of them. Her actions and behavior were sometimes odd and let me believe that she was not very sure of her feelings as she said she was. If you love somebody you don’t do the things you do, even if that person was there for you in a hard period. I understand that Edward left her vulnerable and that her relationship with Jacob healed her, but doing the things she did kind of made me look at her from another perspective.

Edward and Jacob were very fun to read about, their constant arguments were both funny and kind of hot, because let’s face it, not any girl nowadays has 2 extremely good looking guys fighting over her. I felt that Edward could again sacrifice his love for Bella if the situation demanded it, and that he was willing to face the possibility of letting Jacob be the one for her. Jacob on the other hand fought hard for Bella and until the last moment wanted to be the right man for her.

You will just have to read the book to figure out Bella’s choice:)

In conclusion it was a good book, with a lot of intense moments and I will repeat my idea that the evolution in characters and plot was visible, in comparison with the rest of the books from the series.

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