Womanizer by Katy Evans

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

Katy Evans is now, after reading this book, one of my favorite writers. I discovered her work through Remy and Brooke in Real and continued with The Manwhore Series, although I was not extremely impressed by neither Malcom Saint nor Tahoe Roth. The hero that managed to catch my attention was Matt Hamilton from Mr.President, but he is not part of this series, so we are talking about different stories and personalities here. Well, after several books of struggling to find a perfect hero for The Manwhore Series, she wrote about Callan and put me at ease.
I loved the book in so many ways, but let me first tell you something about the plot.

We have our dear and sweet Olivia, Tahoe’s sister, who comes in Chicago for an 3 months internship at Carma, Callan’s company. She is determined to learn as much as possible, so when the times comes for her to return home, every company will love her resume and fight to hire her.
She has everything figured out, her timeline is precisely defined, she even knows at what age she will get married and have babies. But, my luck was that Katy Evans introduced Callan in the picture to spoil Olivia’s plans. In her first day at Carma, she needs a break and goes on the building’s terrace to relax a bit. There she finds a mysterious young man who she names Hot Smoker Guy. They immediately click, having a lot in common, liking the same things, being relaxed in each others presence, but most important, having undeniable chemistry. This connection will make them meet on the terrace every day to share a cigarette and talk, discovering each other.

Olivia is clueless that this mysterious guy is actually a very important person in the company in which she is an intern, but stay calm, she will find out after a passionate night that her normal and average crush is in fact the CEO of Carma, Callan Carmichael. Aaaa ooops?:D From that day forward, they will face a terrific attraction that will make them have a change of heart about priorities and having everything planned. Their love will be spontaneous, unplanned, but amazing.

I enjoyed the characters very much. Olivia was my kind of girl. Insecure, wanting to prove that she can be big on her own, looking for belonging, but discovering other things that gave a different purpose to her life. She left her home’s shelter and explored other possibilities, a thing that I admired and craved to do as well. Meeting Callan was something new and unexpected for her, completely new in feelings and emotions. It was both sweet and intense, making her very confuse about which way to go. Love or a career? Sometimes the unplanned things in life are the most intense and by the end of the day, you discover how great it was to just let destiny play with you a little and see where the path takes you.

Callan was amazing. He was the best hero from this series for me and I was so trilled to see how Olivia managed to knock him off his feet and forget about his womanizer ways! I enjoyed seeing his walls coming down on him and having no choice but to surrender. He was very intense as a character, with a lot of funny, interesting and motivational lines that really situated him above his friends and former heroes of the series. He pushed Olivia not only emotionally but professionally as well. He believed in her, saw her potential and wanted to make her his equal. I admired him because he divided very well their relationship: he kept the romantic one separated from the professional one, but managed at the end to be the perfect mixture in becoming partners in the truly sense of the word.

Katy Evans managed to absorb me into this story, with her very well built characters but also very steamy scenes. I almost forgot how good she is at this, what amazing skills she has in developing a love story and running it through all the stages possible. The only minus that I found on this book is that I wanted more from this couple. I met the romantic part of them, but I also wanted to see them as a team professionally, seeing how they mingle together and being unbeatable in what they do. Maybe their romantic scenes were a little too frequent, not that I am complaining, but it kind of distracted you from the main idea and plot of the book.

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