If I Stay by Gayle Forman

My Rating: 4/5 Stars 

If you want to cry while reading a book, then this is the one you need. I knew that Gayle Forman was incredible, but she managed to impress me with this book. It was overwhelming, genuine, sad and with a strong message that I advice all readers to understand and to use in their lives.

Mia, a 17 year old girl, loves her cello, music, her family and Adam, her boyfriend. Until one tragic day, on just a regular trip during winter, she suffers the lost of her family and is left alone, fighting for her life in an inducing coma. The originality of this book comes from now on, Mia is now a ghost, wondering through the hospital corridors, in search for a reason to keep on living.


All the story is told from her perspective, because she shares with us a lot of memories from happy and sad moments.
Her connection with music is unbreakable and undeniable, she belongs on stage and someday she will be there, making everyone feel her passion for music. She loves her family dearly, to her annoying little brother, to her mom and dad, who always protected her. She loves Adam, her crush, her handsome boyfriend, that supported her in her dream.

If you stay and think about it, her life is perfect, only beginning to flow, until her wings are cut off and her path is disturbed by a tragic event. Now alone, Mia tries to remember the things that hold her in this world, the love that everybody gave her, her passions, her dreams, but it will be hard for her to fight alone, without her family by her side.


I cried during this book because I really though it is not fair. Nobody should have to go thorough such an experience and face the reality alone. The message that the writer is communicating is very strong and wise yes, but in this context it really killed my feelings and made my cry hard tears.
As they say, it is very easy to die, but very hard to live and in this book, the true essence of this words are explored, because for Mia is should have been so easy to just give up, let go. But she kept on fighting and her memories were for us, but were for her as well, as a constant reminder to keep on fighting for what was good in her life until the accident.

In this kind of situations it is easy to comment and just give your opinion, but I must agree with the writer that everything happens for a reason, even if that reason is not understandable yet to us. Things in life are not fair, don’t have meaning sometimes, but it is up to us to search for a way to live and love as fully as possible, seeking for a second chance.

This book really made me think about a lot of things and opened my mind and heart to all all sort of feelings, for which I am truly greatfull to Gayle Forman, for having the courage to access ideas and plots that we are not ready to face yet.

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