Opal *Lux Series #3* by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

 Opal is the third book from the Lux series and by far the most complex in plot and characters.
From all the books from this series, this one was the most intense from my POV. It literally drags you through all the stages of feeling, like anger, grief, surprize, horror, love, sadness and SHOCK. Yap.. a lot to assimilate in just 250 pages.Katy and Daemon are finally together! Yes, our favorite couple is hot, daring and feels like it can face the world. Of course their happiness will be darkened by problems and enemies that just won’t let them be. As I was saying, I think this book is more mature, because it inflicted a more mature feeling to the characters and plot. Now the problems are more complex and you can see in the way things are handled that are heroes are stronger and more capable of doing amazing things.
Let me tell you something about the characters: Katy is not the annoying little brat she was in Onix. I really didn’t understand her there and a lot of her mistakes had severe consequences on others fate. Now, after all this events, she is changed and I liked this evolution. After embracing her feelings for Daemon, she fights by his side, wanting to be his equal. All of this, adding to her new and improved skills, make Katy a bad ass heroine and a perfect match for Daemon. He on the other hand, was awesome as ever:) Obviously he changed a lot, because now he was in love with a human and all his believes were shattered, but he kept this protective tendencies, even if Katy is more aaaa.. evolved now. I liked their dynamic, alternating with a lot of hot, funny and serious scenes, and I truly loved them as a couple because despite being different, they clicked so well.Katy will have to work a lot to get her old relationship with Dee back, because she was the most affected by her mistakes and bad moves. I loved to see how much she valued her relationship with Daemon’s sister and I know that she learnt a lot from the past events.As I said, this book is 2.0 in terms of new characters and plot twist. We are introduced with interesting characters that will have a strong contribution to the plot, but we are also rekindled with some very annoying characters. Yes, BLAKE!! With this guy I had a love and hate relationship and even know I don’t know in which category to put him, because I am so tired of his mind games and tricks. I want him to be punished, but in a way I understood his motives. I’m kind of complicated right now in explaining myself.


So, Opal didn’t disappoint. It was so alert and with an amazing dynamic that will certainly leave you breathless by the end of the book. I had 2 OMG moments: a very romantic moment we were all been waiting for like FOREVER and the ending. It blew my mind and thankfully I’ve read the books in a row, so I didn’t have to wait for Origin to be released in 1 year 🙂


  1. I’m not sure if I can pick a favorite from the series (I love them all!) but if I *had* to Opal might be it. I loved that Daemon and Katy were finally together. And the ending of this one KILLED me! I was in shock the first time I read it and couldn’t believe JLA was ending with a cliffhanger like that. That last scene was just everything.♥

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


    1. Yes Tanya!! That was the worst cliffy ever!! I was in a total daze and couldn’t believe that the writer did that to us:(((


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