The Black Swan Affair by K.L. Kreig

My Ranking: 3/5 Stars

Well…It has been a very interesting journey for me.. I’ve read so much about this book and a lot of my book friends were absolutely emotionally wrecked because of it. Although I prefer sweet and sometimes overly sweet love stories, I realized this book will be different because it will not show you only the bright side of love, but a more darker and dramatic one.

And I was right. So, Maverick is our leading lady here and 2 boys will fight for her love. We have Kael, her best friend, who shared with her everything since she was 13, who loved and support her no matter what. And we have Killian, Kael’s older brother and the love of Maverick’s life. But of course things in this book are not simple, so Maverick will end up marrying Kael and Killian will marry her sister, Jillian. I know, this is the twisted hand of destiny.

The book is from a dual POV, sharing stories between Kael and Maverick and will torture us with past and present scenes, that will leave us hanging until the very end. For my POV the most treacherous of them all was the first scene, with Maverick in the hospital, crying for the one that she loves. The fact that we don’t know who that is, wrecked me and kept my nerves tensed until getting to a lead on who might that be..

So, the plot is not extremely complicated, we are witnessing Maverick in her marriage with Kael, but being in love with Killian all this time. She will desperately hang on to his memory and a lot of things will be reveled that will make you change sides or consider what brother is the best for her.

I personally was 100% Team Kael from the very beginning. Firstly because he really demonstrated me how much he loved Maverick, how persistent he was in winning her and even if he did mistakes, they were forgettable. I mean, how can you not forget this man? He was out of this world, beginning with his love, devotion, compassion and ending with the things he went through for her. The dual POV helped me so much in understanding how he began to care for her and how much he suffered to see her falling for another man. Only the simple fact that he married her despite being aware of this was admirable and his persistence in changing the scenario made me so weepy. I cried by the end of the book because GOD this man is so romantic and he can convince you so easily of his feelings.

Killian on the other side was unreadable for me. I knew he existed, but only like a ghost. He appeared and disappeared, but at the end of the day I didn’t get to know him or love him enough to wish Maverick by his side. He was so opposite his brother. He was selfish and that scene at the end of the book really showed be how much he “loves” Maverick. Well please!! Have a look at your brother and see how you should behave and love. I know that he also had some bad circumstances that were not in his favor, but even when knowing all the truth, I didn’t sympathize with him at all.

Maverick was complicated for me, but I totally understood her. I believe that being torn between 2 men that you both love is terrible, but I was soooo happy to see her struggle to change the course of her destiny. Even if there were some moments of weakness involved, I knew that she couldn’t cheat, couldn’t break Kael’s heart and in the end she will make the right call. I’ve waited for her decision like air and I have to admit she managed to make me real nervous.

Despite this looong and introspective review, I have to say that the book was intense, sweet and sorrow but it was not convincing. The action rotated around doubt,denial and obsession and for me is was kind of tormenting. The 3 stars are only for Kael because he was amazing, but as seeing the big picture, the book could have been more complex, more complicated in plot. Because in characters it was more than complex.

PS: you know what else deserved a star? The popping candy scene!! OMG, one of the most sensual and hot scene ever:D


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