How to Love Katie Cotugno

My Ranking: 3/5 stars

I believe this book was one of my first Romance stories and I was very curious after reading the blurb to dive into it.

From the description I could see that it was about a teen pregnancy and I have a weak spot for them, because I consider a very important and marking experience for girls who find themselves in this situation. I wanted to see exactly how out heroine is coping and manage to raise her child given the situation.

So, we have our leading lady, Reena. She is incredibly smart, talented, on the bridge to graduate early.. Yes, that is how amazing she is. Everything is pink for her and the future ahead is smiling at her generously. She is in love with Sawyer like forever, but he is not very aware of her feelings. She is just satisfied with being his friend, until a very peculiar day that Sawyer realizes she existed in a romantic way. From that day on, a very complicated relationship develops and from the blurb you could realise that Reena got pregnant with Sawyer’s baby. Only that suddenly, he left without a word and abandoned Reena.

I was very upset when that thing happened mainly because I despise a girl being left alone to deal with an unexpected pregnancy. We see this type of stories everyday, but we don’t take the time to understand exactly how the mother managed to pass that important step in her life and raise the baby appropriately. I admired Reena so much because she may had her hard moments when everything  came apart, but she was such a fighter. She lifter herself up and just focused on her daughter, Hannah. The only thing that mattered for her was her baby girl and her life was focused only on her, letting Sawyer go.

Until Sawyer comes back after 3 years. I was soooooooo ready to kill both of them right there. Him, for letting her down in one of the most important moments and her for just forgetting about it! Sawyer was the center of her universe and when he came back, she became to doubt her feelings and was attracted in forgetting him so easily. NO! Despite the reasons, despite Sawyers past and everything that happened, he had to work his butt of to deserve his girls. And here I think that Reena had to make him work harder, to truly convince me he was sorry.

Besides their story, we get to know different aspects of loving a person, but the most important type of love in this book made a clear reference to mother daughter relationship, in the way an unexpected pregnancy changes a life and makes you realise how your priorities can change by night. I loved the way Reena dedicated herself to Hannah and I doubt a mother’s love has to be measured by her age. Despite being 16, she was amazing, and I think a lot of girls could relate to her story.

So, there you have it.. a complicated story that teaches you not only how to love in an intimate relationship, but how to love the people close to you, or the ones that depend strongly on you. A real life lesson that will make you think about it a long time after finishing the book.

This book can be purchased on Books Express here:,9781782060000

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