Preston’s Honor by Mia Sheridan

My Rating: 5/5 stars

When every time Mia releases a book, for me it’s a moment of pure joy, because I know I will love it no matter what. She can’t get anything wrong and of course I was right in anticipating the success of this book. It was awesome and somewhere along the way I considered it a little different than her previous work, with a strong message behind it.

Lia is our leading lady, who lived a very simple and tormented life. Raised with only her mother as an illegal migrant, she was always craving for affection, for somebody to care for her and make her feel loved. Being the result of a rape, her mother always considered her an undesired child and inflicted upon her feelings of not being worthy of anything in this life but loneliness and hurt. She was s good friend with Preston and Cole, 2 twin brothers who belonged from very different world than Lia’s but somehow managed to make her feel special and cared for. Lia fell in love with both of them, but in very different ways.

Cole was the easygoing type, without a care in the world, who wasn’t into serious business with the rest of the world and just took everything as it went. Lia saw him only as a brother, although for a period of time they used to date. Preston, on the other hand, was serious and driven about his passions, that included the farm in which they grew up and his love for Lia. This secret love will last for years, but because of some happenings mainly driven by pride and honor, Preston will not speak out-loud his love for her. He will love her from afar, completely ignorant about how much Lia loves him too. All her life she has been waiting for him, but because Preston seemed not interested, Lia thought she is not good enough for him, or for anyone. The reason behind Preston’s distance is kind of complicated but you will have to discover it by yourself. Hint.. it has to do with the title of the book:)

Because we are reading Mia’s book, you can figure out that things will not be easy for our couple, and our emotions are heavily tested in this story. For a short period of time they will give in to their feelings, but when tragedy and unexpected things strike, their love will suffer. We just have to wait and see what destiny has in stored for them..

I loved this couple and although there were times when I wanted to strangle both of them, I knew that their story was written this way for a reason. Lia had a serious background that made her the insecure women she is now. Being told all her life how a simple and useless being she is, of course she will make mistakes and not know how to handle certain situations. She was humiliated, disconsidered  because of her Mexican origins and had to struggle to just survive. Preston has always been her hero, her savior and he loved her no matter her origins, conditions and lack of money. He loved her for her pure heart and tender way of being, without considering for a second that they are different.

I warn you that they will make mistakes, they will not do certain things when they had too,  but in the end, all this things will sum up and made them characters who evolved and learned from their mistakes.

All of Mia’s trademark elements were of course in the book, but one aspect struck me most.. it was the accent she put on diversity and acceptance, taking Lia’s example. She was Mexican, living in a small town where her kind was considered inferior, only good at labor work and nothing more. They were hated by others, not allowed to speak, to blend in with other people, basically a minority without any rights.  Mia introduced Cole and Preston to show that this things are different, that it’s the heart that matters the most and after displaying some scenes about this topic, I really understood what is meant to lack food or shelter and nobody being there to help you. This social message was so strong and stood with me for a long time after finishing the story. Community is a very important word that you have to remember when thinking about Lia and her struggle to be accepted:)

In conclusion, I totally recommend this book, because of its strong message, amazing characters and if you are a fan of second chances stories this one will be perfect for you. Thank you Mia for warming my heart again with your amazing love stories.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.


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