Idol by Kristen Callihan

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

I put this book ” on hold” for a while and even now I don’t know the reason for doing so.. I just had other books that were on my priority list and considering I already have a favorite rocker, I was kind of reticent to read this.
But I was wrong… You maybe know at that rocker I am referring to, but Killian is nothing like him, fact that I enjoyed, because I love diversity in characters.

So, Idol is the first installment of the VIP series and our main characters are Killian and Liberty. They met under some strange circumstances but in the end, that meeting will be the best thing that ever happened to them.

Killian is the guitarist and vocals in a big rock band named Kill John. Jax, his band mate wanted to kill himself and that thing took a toll on our hero. The band is torn apart by this event and one night Killian got so drunk, he ended up on Liberty’s porch. Of course he said stupid things, but for an unknown reason, Libby took him in and helped him sober up. Once himself, Killian realised that she is his neighbor and wanted to make amends. What started as a very angry and tumultuous relationship, developed into something else, full of lust and unspoken feelings.

Imagini pentru rock star love

Killian was my type of hero. At the beginning he was very fragile because of the incident that changed his life, but after meeting Libby he realised that faith,in a way, brought him in that position so he could meet her. He was very protective of her, wanting to be there when she needed and make her dreams come true. There will be many occasions in which Killian will be stubborn as hell, but he will also put his feelings aside in order to let Libby be free and do the things she loves.

Libby is a very guarded heroine. Her parents died in a car accident and ever sincer, she lived a solitary life, without friends or close ones. She doesn’t really know how to act around Killian, despite being so aware of their connection. But she is afraid to admit what he does to her. Their friendship means so much to her but in the same time, she knows that they are words apart. She had a dream that was rejected by her parents: singing and performing. She is a natural talent, but because of her parents that were part of the music industry, didn’t get to experiment what it feels like to be worshiped by your fans. Killian know this feeling well and the second he heard Libby sing, he was absolutely convinced that her place is on stage.

In this way, an adventure begins for our heroes, in which they will struggle to cope with fame, the press, the fans and even with their band mates. They will love each other, make mistakes, but eventually all roads will lead to the fact that they were meant to be.

Imagini pentru rock star love
One star goes for the cover. I loved it and even now can’t stop smiling when seeing it.. This is my first Kristen Callihan book and I have to admit that I judged the plot a little. I thought that it will be about the classical tale of a rock star that fells in love with a girl and that he will go soft and realise music is not his nr.1 priority after all, but the love for his girl. Partially I was right, but there will be so much more. So much drama and self discovery and you will want to read along to see how our characters will evolve and find each other again. I repeat, it is so much more and more complexity than meets the eye. They will find fame together, but the challenges will be numerous. You just have to stand by them so see exactly how everything will turn out.

It was a pleasant surprise for me and I will definitely check out the second book, because I have a good feeling that Scottie will make a delicious hero.


  1. Wonderful review Ramona! I thought the second books was so much better than book 1. It’s funny how every book speaks differently to readers. Looking forward to hear what you think about Scottie’s book.;-)

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    1. Thank you corina!! Can’t wait to read it. I have 2 more books for reviews, and after that Gabriel Scott is mine❤❤😈😈

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  2. Lovely review Ramona! I can’t wait for you to read Scottie’s story. I agree wholeheartedly with Corina, it was even better and I had so much fun reading about Scottie and Sophie LOL


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