The Player by K.Bromberg

My rating: 3/5 stars

This review won’t be very long because I have the old habit of talking too much, but in this case I really don’t know what to say. A few days ago I reviewed another book of Bromberg’s and I was hyper about it. Thinking that the reputation will stick to this one as well, I began the book with hope. It turned out I got disappointed…

Easton is a very talented baseball player that had an accident during one of his matches. He is the star of his team and this injury was totally unexpected. Presure is on him to recover soon and get back on the field. Enter Scout, a physical trainer that will help Easton recover smoothly. She had to live up to her father impresive resume and help Easton get on track as soon as possible, in this way securing for herself a big contract with his team.

Imagini pentru i love baseball

Easton and Scout didn’t began well their relationship, cocky VS guarded, but soon enough Easton’s determination will make Scout see him for what he really is: a generous, kind and trustworthy person. All her believes will be tumbling down and slowly they will begin a very hot/ forbidden affair.

As in the Eurovision song contest, my points go to Easton. I loved the way he fought for Scout, how he used every asset and every charm he has to open her eyes and make her realise how good they can be. Despite the presure of his rehabilitation, his dad’s pushing and everything, he was very focused on his connection with Scout. He had patience, learn to talk to her and opened up in the most hones “what you see is what you get” way.

Imagine similară

Scout tried very hard to fight him off. She rejected her feelings and attraction and only put first her job and the reason she was helping Easton. There will be some other motives why she acted this way, but that didn’t make her more understandable or likable. She was a puzzle for me and I didn’t put all the pieces together.

Yes, short review.. right:) So, to conclude, The Player was not my particular guilty pleasure this weekend. I liked the love scenes and the push and pull the couple had + Easton, but that is just about it… The plot was kind of invisible, without something that keeps you hanging and the first 40% I really wanted to stop reading because nothing happened. Yes, things got heated on the way, but this lack of consistency killed my mood.  Not to mention I didn’t understand the ending, leaving me in a complete daze…

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