Hearts on Air by L.H.Cosway

My rating: 5/5 Stars

The Hearts Series has always been one of my mini obsession romance series and every time another book is released I just flip, leave everything aside and enjoy the story which I know will be amazing, great, you know it:)

Hearts of Air follows Trevor Cross and Reya Cabrera in a fantastic adventure of self discovery and second chances, leaving us quite satisfied by the end of the story. The two of them have been friends for a long time, but both nourished other type of feelings, deeper and more solid. However, they are too afraid to admit it and fear their relationship will be harmed after having other type of commitment between them. They engaged in a short and lustful romance, but life separated them eventually. Trevor has been offered the job of a lifetime, to film a reality-show based on his favorite sport, parkour, and Reya is left back in London, only with her hopes and dreams. Now, after 2 years, Trevor is back with an unique proposition for Reya, an adventure which will get them closer again and maybe this time, together forever.

Did I mentioned I loved this book? No? Let me explain. I loved the characters, the plot, the secondary characters and the amazing scenario that was brought to us.


Reya was my kind of heroine, strong when needed, but fragile inside. All her life she wanted to become a singer, but feared of fame and the spotlight. She just wanted to live in her little bubble of joy, singing for others and being an inspiration. She wanted her music to mean something to her audience and for that dream she kept on booking gigs, writing her own songs or singing covers in an original way. She was independent, beautiful and had a crush on her best friend, Trevor. Trevor Cross is TROUBLE and ENERGY combined in one hot package. He loves parkour, driving and having fun. He is also secretly in love with Reya, but because of some issues he is not honest with her about his feelings and prefers to keep her close only as friends. When his biggest dream comes to life, he makes the big mistake of forgetting his priorities and gests suck in the fame twister, leaving Reya heartbroken and alone. Now, he is back for a second change and won’t allow NO for an answer. He fights for Reya with everything he has, to show her that he is a changed man that will always puts her first.

Their chemistry was unbelievable, like with all the couples in the series. The scenes between them were full with tension, love, friendship and I laughed so much, it made my heart melt.. They were incredible, I enjoyed so much their push and pull, the way they wanted to do the right thing but failed miserably because their feelings were stronger. I liked the way they evolved, especially Trevor. From the dreamy and careless boy, he truly became a man that saw beyond the material and fame. He saw a future in Reya, something to hold on too and make it his. He became reliable and I sincerely loved him for that. His struggles and torments were real and all of this was made to show his best friend that he is worth to be in a true relationship. Reya as well broke different barriers to become a better person, more at ease with herself and her past. She managed to put aside insecurities, take chances, be more bold when wanting something. The two of them were amazing together and I couldn’t imagine of a more fitting couple for this story, that found each other no matter what, in a perfect unity.

A major bonus was the changing in scenario, from Brussels, to Paris and Barcelona. I loved to read the description of some famous places and to imagine Trevor and his team doing parkour there. It was extremely original and I praised for the author for nailing it completely. Oh, and the secondary characters were amazing. I loved Trevor’s team and not to mention that I got to see some old characters back in action, including my crush, Oliver King.

To conclude with, an extremely romantic adventure, with two characters that find their way back to each other and discover the importance of friendship that manages to surpase everything.


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