We Love… Ten from “A Perfect Ten” by Linda Kage

62ee4a51d2c0c87633aed963b7ba82b8For this interview I have something special and new. You all are used to reading author’s interviews on this blog.. Well, now you have a character’s one. For this first time I’ve chosen one of the most funniest and different heroes I have ever read about. His name is Oren „Ten” Tenning and you can ckeck him out in Linda’s Kage „A Perfect Ten”. I loved his funny style, the way he loved Caroline and the thing that marked me the most was a certain situation he faced by the end of the book that blew me away and made me admire him deerly ( shhhht, no spoilers ~~). So, my dear readers, I give you Ten 🙂 Enjoy!

Ramona: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Ten: Sexy mouthy motherfucker

Ramona: What leisure activities do you enjoy? (Music, arts etc)
Ten: Sex, football, drawing, designing shit.

Ramona: When did you begin drawing?
Ten: Probably the first day of school when I was supposed to be listening to my boring-ass teacher blabber on about boring school shit.

Ramona: What is your biggest dream?
Ten: Sex on the moon with Caroline.

Ramona: What was the greatest prank you pulled on your friends?
Ten: Oh, man. This one time at an away game when we had to stay overnight at a hotel, we paid a hooker to go to Hamilton’s room. I swear, it took him an hour to get her to leave without her fulfilling her services. I think he had to pay her twice what we did just to get her to go away! Ha! Good times.

Imagini pentru sam and dean

Ramona: Who are your heroes?
Ten: Sam and Dean Winchester.

Ramona: What do you hate the most?
Ten: Fucking lying little life-ruiners who mess with my friends.


Ramona: How important is family to you?                                                                                Ten: Family is everything, and not just blood-relatives, the family you make too.

Ramona: How could you describe a day in your life?
Ten: Awesome. Pure awesomeness. You probably wouldn’t understand it even if I tried to describe it.

Ramona: What makes you get up in the morning?
Ten: A naked sweet Caroline wrapped up all around me. Nothing gets me up faster. Ooooh, you mean “get up” as in “wake up.” Hell, I don’t know. Different shit, I guess.

Ramona: Looking back, do you regret having made a certain decision?
Ten: Hell, no. Yes. I don’t like this fucking question and don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Ramona: Why Ten and not Oren?
Ten: Ten sounds more badass than Oren. Oren sounds like a fucking cookie. Do I look like a cookie to you? Only special people are allowed to call me Oren.

Ramona: Do you fight for the things you want?
Ten: Sure, I’m not opposed to getting bloody for something if it’s important enough.

Ramona: What moment in your life completely changed you as a person?
Ten: A couple moments, and they all involve women. The second my sister died messed me up and killed something inside me, and the moment my best friend carried his sick little sister into the living room of his trailer house brought me back to life again.

Ramona: Do you believe in happily ever after?
Ten: I’m living my happily ever after, so I’m going to go with yes.


  1. Interesant acest personaj :)) Cred ca o sa citesc si eu cartea:))
    Mi-a placut acest interviu, unul interesant, de altfel. E pentru prima data cand citesc unul astfel, nu am mai intalnit pe niciunde :))
    Ah, si mi-o placut raspunsul de la intrebarea 12: “Oren sounds like a fucking cookie.” =)))))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Multumeeesc!! Am avut super mari emotii daca sa-l postez sau nu, dar vad ca lumea il place pe Oren:))) Comparatia cu Oreo este evidenta:)))


    1. Thank you sooo much!! It was a obvious pick for me and I’m really glad you like him as much as I did. He is indeed something else❤️


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