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Image result for meredith wildFor this interview, I convinced the amazing Meredith Wild to answer some of my questions and to share it with you guys. Every Romance lover knows The Hacker Series and fell in love with the characters and extremely addictive plot. She combines memorable stereotypes with drama, love and action, giving us exactly the type of book every one is dreaming for. I really hope you will find this interview inspiring and will help you to get to know you favorite author better:)

Ramona: To begin with, please tell us something about Meredith Wild for us to get to know you better 🙂

Meredith: I wear many hats, author being only one. I’m also a mom of three, a wife of a wonderfully supportive husband, and I work with several other romance authors and a robust publishing team to bring more saucy books to the world! When I’m not working or mothering, I enjoy yoga, reading, and online shopping. 🙂

Ramona: What inspires you to write every day?

Meredith: Deadlines! I always want to be writing a story to bring to my readers, and while deadlines are a necessary evil of publishing, my characters and stories drive me to the finish line, one day at a time, one chapter at a time. Some ideas won’t go away until I’ve written them out.

Ramona: How important is research in cropping a great plot?

Meredith: It depends on the novel of course, but whenever you’re reaching outside of your knowledge base as an author, it’s important to research and know your material. I do more research when my stories have stronger suspense elements (like the Hacker Series) and typically less when the story is more relationship-based.

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Ramona: Tell us about your writing style, how is it different from other writers?

Meredith: I can only speak to my own writing process (everyone’s is different), but I’m somewhere between a plotter and a writer who writes on the fly. I do a lot of rereading as I go to ensure I’m on the right track, and by the time I type “the end” I’m ready for the editor’s red pen. I rarely do rewrites.

Ramona: Do your novels carry a message?

Meredith: I understand that women read in this genre in large part for the fantasy aspect, but I enjoy building on that fantasy by portraying heroines who are modern, successful, sexually aware, and not so easily swept away. I’m always tackling other themes too, like gender roles, power play, and healing. I think these keep the relationships a little more interesting and the struggles more real. I hope that my readers walk away feeling empowered and aroused.

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Ramona: How do you think your writing style has changed over the years?

Meredith: Having been professional edited many, many times, I would say that I’m a very clean writer. I think I’m better at holding a reader at the beginning of a book (beginnings are my favorite) than I initially was. As with anything you do for years, one’s craft will improve with practice and dedication.

Ramona: Whose work do you enjoy reading the most?

Meredith: I enjoy discovering new indie authors in the world of romance. Some great reads lately have been “Torn” by Carian Cole, “Love in Lingerie” by Alessandra Torre, and “American Queen” by Sierra Simone.

Ramona: How did the Hacker Series came to be?25208536

Meredith: I got the idea for “Hardwired” after seeking out a high profile tech CEO for professional advice on one of my recent startups. I was a nervous wreck leading up to the call, but once we got talking, I was shocked at how approachable and helpful he was considering all of his success. He also had a really sexy phone voice. A few days later, inspiration struck and I started writing again. “Hardwired” began after a false start with another story that I’d shelved a couple months prior.

Ramona: How do you create you characters? Do you use personal experiences to shape them, or you use a mix between fiction and reality?

Meredith: There are bits and pieces of my soul in the heroes, the heroines and even the bad guys of my stories. That said, at the end of the day my characters are purely fictional, imbued with physical or personality traits that might be inspired by any number of people or experiences that have come into my life. Rarely is a character or a situation a representation of a single person or experience.

Ramona: Use 3 words to describe your books.

Meredith: Sexy, emotional, dramatic.

27819473Ramona: Which character was the easiest and which was the hardest to write?

Meredith: Sometimes my fun side characters—like Eli from the Bridge Series—are the easiest to write because they don’t need to a ton of backstory and they can be more fun and eccentric than a main character. One of the hardest characters for me to write was Vanessa Hawkins from “Into the Fire”. It took me months to really get to know her, and sometimes no amount of plotting or planning can speed that process up. Sometimes I simply need to get to know my characters through writing them, one page at a time.

Ramona: Which book is 100% Meredith Wild and why?

Meredith: All my books are close to my heart and have my personal stamp on them. On My Knees” in the Bridge Series is one of my favorite stories, though. It’s a darker, more emotional story than some of my others, which people either love or they hate.

Ramona: What can you tell us about your current projects?

Meredith: I’ve spent this year working on a new series of stand-alones: “Misadventures of a City Girl”, “Misadventures of a Good Wife”, “Misadventures of the First Daughter”, and currently I’m penning “Misadventures of a Virgin”. All these titles, and several other Misadventures written by some of my favorite authors, will be released this fall!

Ramona: Please share a message to your readers.

Meredith: Thank you so much for reading and enjoying my books! I can’t wait to share more sexy stories with you soon!


For more information about Meredith, please access the links below:

Official Site: http://www.meredithwild.com/

Goodreads Profile: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7190965.Meredith_Wild

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