Rosemary Beach Part 1 and 2 by Abbi Glines

My rating: 3.5/5 stars

I had this books on my Kindle since forever, I think for 3 years, but never had the courage to open it because I was not ready for a 4 book series… very long for my patience and understanding. So, I only read the first 2 ones and my mind was already set, because I won’t read the next 2 in the next period.

I will review both of them in only one page, because sincerely, I can handle very well writing something about them in short sentences and few words. “Fallen too Far” is the first book from the series, introducing us to Blaire and Rush. Blaire struggled the last 3 years to take care of her sick mother and after her death, she leaves her hometown for Rosemary Beach, in search for her father. Things don’t turn our the way she thought, because he is nowhere in sight, leaving her to rely on her stepbrother, Rush, until he returns.

Only that Rush is extremely complicated and he will treat Blaire not in the nicest way possible, making her wish she should of stayed home. Things will rapidly change between them, because Rush will let his defensed down and get closer to Blaire, only to lead to a very intense, but confusing relationship.

In “Never too Far”, the second book, things turn out to be more confusing, because a lot of things are reveled, and our characters will have to learn to cope with bad truths, divided loyalties and broken hearts. In the process, they have to learn to trust each other again and it will be very difficult. It will be very difficult for the readers not to strangle them.

I don’t want to repeat myself, but the main word to express this books is “confusing”. The characters confused me sooo much.. I couldn’t connect with Blaire at all. At the beginning she was OK, but as the plot progressed, she annoyed me terribly because she said something and did something entirely different. Not to mention that the drama was so intense, but from my POV, it was exaggerated and irrelevant for the plot.

Imagini pentru another day another drama gif

Rush as well was confusing because I couldn’t understand his resistance and internal pain of being near to Blaire. Ok, he did some nasty things in the past, but he was a kid and he just dramatized soooo much everything that by the end of the book I though a BIG truth will be reveled. But guess what… I had no clue what the whole fuss was about…:) I think that is the thing that annoyed me, why dramatize everything, overreact and complicate things when it could of work out so simple?

The story could have been easily put in one book, because it dragged away for so long and without something extremely to conclude with. I continued reading it out of simply curiosity, only that…I don’t know if you agree with me, but I expected something else, something more complicated, more book worthy, but not this:)

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