Forever Right Now by Emma Scott

Seascape-family-parents-painting-Home-Decor-abstract-drawing-picture-By-Numbers-Handwork-Canvas-decoration-living-roomMy rating: 4/5 stars 

I’ve recently discovered Emma Scott and I am super addicted to her writing and stories, as if they are crafted for me and for my feelings. I love that within every story she has essence, meaning and a message and every time I finish one of her book, I have a huge smile plastered upon my face.

“Forever Right Now” was an extremely sweet story which I’ve read in only 2 days and I feel like I learnt so much from it, it overwhelms me completely. As I said, Emma’s story are founded in real life and there is a high possibility you would relate to her characters, because they have real problems and feel so close to home.

Sawyer is our hero, a boy who became a man overnight, when Molly, a girl he only slept once, ends up at his door with a baby that apparently it’s his. When Molly disappears and leaves him with baby Olivia, Sawyer’s life is suddenly upside down in a good but also in a bad way. Good because Olivia gave him purpose, a meaning to fight for, but bad because he has to finish his studies, pass the Barr exam and become an attorney while trying to be a good father. Doing these things all together is extremely complicated, but even if he doesn’t know it, he is the best father Olivia could have.

Darlene ends up being his neighbor and will change his life completely, breaking his routine and showing him what is important in life. With a past addiction, she is starting fresh in San Francisco and this means dancing again and staying clean. She is determined to focus on herself and not fall in love, but as you know, things don’t go the way we expect them too. Darlene will enter Sawyers life and take it by storm, showing him how to focus on his priorities, how to relax, enjoy life, smile and just be. They will learn a lot from each other and Olivia will be the glue that will hold them together.. forever 🙂

Why I loved this book? Because behind it, I could feel the message and the story it wants to share with the readers. I loved Sawyers devotion towards Olivia and his determination to build her a better future. I know how hard it is to grow with only one parent, and reading about Sawyer brought back strong memories. I even love the mistakes he made towards Darlene and how Emma made him so relatable. I also loved Darlene, her spirit, her energy and joy, her determination to leave behind her past and just start over. I also related a lot in her character because I know some truths can hurt and there are some examples in my life in which I had to make the same decisions as her and get hurt in the process. I know that maybe I live in a surreal world, but I would really like all fathers to be the same as Sawyer, to fight for their children with the same determination and passion, to help them grow in a healthy environment, full of love and devotion 🙂

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