More than words by Mia Sheridan

My rating: 5/5 stars 

Mia Sheridan will always be my favorite romantic author. I consider her complete as a person but also as an author, and because of this, her writing style was drafted in this way, to reflect her personality and qualities. “More than words” is a beautiful love story that throughout the second part it reminder me soooo much of Archer’s Voice, because it has similar elements and the same message that needed to be passed further on. I was very impressed by Mia’s approach and this story really managed to capture her essence and reminder me over and over again just why she is my favorite.

Jessica and Callen are a perfect couple, even when they were 13. They became best friends ever since Jessica discovered a broken little boy, who was beaten up by his father. Both of them found sanctuary in their adventures and stories, being together almost daily for 2 years. One day, Callen mysteriously disappears from Jessica’s life, but they are reunited again after almost 10 years. In the mean time, Callen became a famous composer and Jessica is trying to find her way in the word of arts, aspiring to become a French translator and linguist. Life put them together again and this time it is keen on keeping them as such.

Both characters were amazing!!!!! Jessica inspired me so much, being one of the smartest heroine I had read about lately, but also because of her innocence and good heart. She was meant to save Callen from his abusive father and give him the peace he deserves as a little boy. She introduced him to the world of music, not knowing his secret and how this will mark him as an adult. Further on, music will be Callen’s inspiration and will bring him fame, this due only to his princess:) Jessica’s past was not very cheerful, living with a cheating father and a brokenhearted mom, her faith in men is practically non-existent.

In this story, Callen was the broken one, the more conflicted character, because he was very layered and complicated sometimes. He became a total womanizer, finding shelter in drinking and partying, but with Jesse, we saw another side of him that erased the old one. And I think we liked it this way:) His abusive father took a toll on him, shattering his trust in himself and only believing that he is not good for anyone. The numbness he felt helped him for so long, it became a way of life. But this will eventually affect with musical performance, giving him an author block he cannot surpass. This is when Jessica steps in, giving him the inner peace he soooo craves for and allowing him to see the good aspects in his personality. The path will be complicated for Callen and eventually he will discover that there were moments in time when he has been saved, but the big step he has to take is to save himself. There will be many emotional moments, enlightening ones, but this drama will be rewarding at the end of the book.

I read this book in 2 days, it made me loved it from the first pages and I consider it one of Mia’s best lately. I absolutely adore Eden, Calder, Archer, Stinger, Kyland, and now I will add Callen to the list. Such a great, entertaining, passionate and sweet read “More than Words” was for me.


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