Things We Never Said by Samantha Young

My rating: 4/5 stars 

I’m a huge fan of Samantha Young and not because of this series, but because of ALL of her books. She knows how to go deep and touch every sensitive nerve you might have, starting with love and ending with family. This is the main reason why I connected with her, because it is clear she wants to connect with her readers, using their hearts in the process. It is an accepted blackmail, because she uses your weaknesses against you and most of the times you discover things you never knew you were feeling. Everything thanks to her and her amazing ability to write.

Speaking of connection, I connected a lot with the Hart’s Boardwalk series, being something new from my POV. Although the first book was not a 5 star for me, the second killed me because I loved the characters and the love/hate elationship they had. It was something intense for me and I wanted more and more. So Samantha delivered more. Sincerely speaking, I was not dying for Dahlia’s story, but I was ok with the choice, knowing the most mysterious love story will be let last😊 (fans know what I mean…. E&J will happen, I know it will!!!!!)

Imagini pentru boardwalk love

I was intrigued my Dahlia’s past, because I knew she has hiding serious stuff. I also liked her way, her attitude and her devotion towards her friends. It is very comforting to know that even in the darkest moments, you have somebody to rely on. Her history with Michael ran deep and had consequences. Maybe I didn’t understand it immediately, because the reveling came slooooowly, but it had a huge impact on me in the way I found out about certain aspects that went between them. She felt in love with Michael but couldn’t speak it loud because every time something came up, something interrupted their feelings and it only got me more and more frustrated. It was not a slow burn love, it was an intense love that didn’t have the chance to burn. Fate had a very ironic intervention, but maybe they needed this in order to grow and to be 100% ready for what is instored for them. Sincerely, I don’t know why things happen to certain people but I want to believe there is always a reason behind it.

Their relationship is presented on many timelines, the reader getting the big picture. I love it when I gradually learn about the characters and I connect with them on certain levels. Dahlia and Michael were intense from beginning to end, with soooo many things to reveal and to discover. I liked Michael more, even if I root 90% of the time with female characters. I liked his attitude, his cockiness and the way he thought me to fight for what I want and love. He is far from perfect, but at the end of the day, he was the one to push more, to want more, and I love a pushy hero ❤

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Push and pull, tragedy and intense moments define their relationship and gradually buit their story for the readers. I think this is the most dramatic from the series up to date, with a more profund background and loss. Jessica also had a dramatic past, but I resonated with Dahlia’s story most.

Every story is a life lesson. Either you learn to love or to lose, you always learn something from Samantha’s books. The advantage of reading her is that you learn how to cope, to move on, to fight or to surrender, but always doing things that will make YOU happy, not the persons around you. Family is always first and the friends that surround you are a must to your well being and emotional stability. Never forget that 🙂

ARC received by the author in exchange for an honest review 

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