All Grown Up by Vi Keeland

My rating: 5/5 stars 

Long time no review 🙂 But here I am, after a very good book which I want to share with you. I think I read like anything coming from Vi Keeland and I always loved her stories. She is witty and funny and always has tons of imagination when crafting the storyline and characters.

Why 5 stars and this desire to share it with you? Because she pushed the limits and wrote a love story with age difference, which in many books might be considered taboo. I loved every minute of it and loved the way she treated it with maximum care, but in a delightful way.

So, Valentina is now a single mon, recently divorced. Her world is kind of alone because her experience with men is limited to her husband, who she knew since high-school. Now, at 37, she is alone and thinks her love life is over. Not so quite… 🙂 After her BFF uploads her profile on a dating site, forcing her to start dating, Valentina chats with a very charming man, with whom she has an instant connection. Little does she knows that behind that profile is a very familiar face, Ford, the face of a boy that used to babysit her son some years ago. As the title is indicating, that boy is all grown up now, turned into a very handsome 25 year old man, a very wealthy businessman with a bright future ahead of him. The problem is that even if she knows that fact, the connection she has with Ford is something she cannot ignore and believe me, Ford won’t let her do that either. And he has the whole summer to prove her this.

I think I was more drawn to Valentina, because I could really understand her fears and in a way I related, having the same mindset. It was nice to see how Ford managed to destroy all her “problems” and show her exactly what her worth is. I love heroes that are persistent and determined, and Ford managed to top many of them. He had some imaturity moments, but I can’t blame him. Considering I’ve read tons of books with heroes much older than him who took worst decisions, Ford is off the hook:))

Valentina and Ford were great together, a very cute and solid couple (once being in an actual relationship) and I admire the way they changed each other’s perspective. I think it’s important in a couple to take from one another and learn how to be a better person. I think I’ve learnt a lot from this book and I feel very fortunate to have met Ford and Valentina, 2 strong personalities that are capable of showing you a different perspective upon life and love.

The book was like a life lesson from top to bottom. I admire the fact that Vi Keeland had the courage to come up with such a story, because we all know how society has the tendency to judge. It’s very simple to point at someone, or just talk about somebody else and not know anything about their past or circumstances that lead them to that point. I loved Ford’s persistence and the way he wanted to open Valentina’s eyes, making her be more aware about herself than rumors and appearances. The struggle was real, but I enjoyed the way she managed to get her barriers down and realize what is she missing. Yes, age difference is something, but it’s not something that can measure real love and feelings. Everybody can love no matter the age and it’s something that we have to get used to. Valentina’s reluctance to this was proof that society has a great impact on a person’s way of thinking and it can seriously alter one’s behavior and decisions in various aspects.

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