White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L Armentrout

Imagini pentru white hot kissMy rating: 5/5 stars 

Because of things I am not aware of, I put this book on hold like forever. I don’t know the reason, because I love Jennifer and read almost everything she wrote. From “Lux”, to “The Covenant”, “Titans”, “Be with Me” and even “Moonlight”, I know her series and loved them to pieces. I heard about this series but got to work only when the first book was published in my local language. Ready, steady, go, I was in for a total ride.

“White Hot Kiss” is Supernatural with a love story and I will keep my POV until my last breath. If the heroes would have been boys, I would clearly choose a Sam and Dean for it, because the story has crazy vibes about it and I LOVED IT. Supernatural is my favorite show and everything that has to do with them sets me off. I know Jennifer is a fan too and this series is not the only one that has something to do with it. Nevertheless, love it, adore it and I am so glad to have read this book.

So, Layla is half-demon, half Warden. She doesn’t know who her parents are, being taken in by Abbot and his big clan of Wardens. Because of her inheritance, she has a special gift. She can see auras and mark demons for the Wardens to take down. This ability makes her special and gave her a purpose in life. Secretly in love with her “brother” Zayne, Layla fights to be liked, admitted in this society and not be considered a threat because of what she is. Her life will change when she will be attacked by a demon and rescued by another one, Roth. Not knowing what to do, Layla finds herself in a very strange situation, having to see Roth almost all day and develop a unique relationship with him. She is torn between him and her world and slowly her loyalty will shift, discovering things about her world she didn’t know existed.

Layla is a fierce heroine, but very unsure of herself. Because she is half-half, her identity is not fully drafted. She is constantly searching for something to make her feel like she belongs with the Warden, but deep down, that satisfaction is nowhere in sight. Having Roth and developing feelings for him made things easier for her to want to explore, to take risks and more important to seek the answers she was looking for. Her path is very interesting and the evolution is obvious, not only in her personality but in her abilities too. She unlocks things that were beyond her comprehension, which now click so well in place.

I am team Roth. I liked him from the beginning and I didn’t have any chemistry with Zayne. Roth reminds me so much of Daemon Black and I think this was one of the aspects that made me fall for him. Even know I didn’t trust him at the beginning, I discovered him through Layla and started to understand him. He is very complex and it took me a while, but his character is magnificently drafted, making you have contradictory feelings about him. One page you love him, another you want to send him into oblivion, other you feel sorry for him., leaving you a mess. I understood Lyla’s uncertainty because it reflected mines. This first book was a great “Roth for beginners and the conclusion let me breathless, to say the least. I know I have more to discover about him and it makes me extra excited.

I liked the plotline and the way Jennifer created angst and drama where there was necessary. I forgot how she likes to end almost all chapters in “OMG mode”, but after a while you get used to it, putting more drama into the story and making you read one more chapter. As I said before, the Supernatural kind off-world is amazing and extremely dynamic, with fantastic elements which create a special world. I liked the way she blends romance with a fantasy, but also inflicts pain when needed, for you to be a reminder that this book is far from being pink and fairy dust. Romance and hot scenes are also there, not graphic, but you get a pretty good preview of the situation.

I recently began book 2 and I brace myself for the worst because as all transition books, it will play with your nerves and emotions throughout the entire book. I say we bring it on and see what the outcome will be. Enjoy!

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