Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

My rating: 5/5 stars 

Ignite my love. Ignite! 

I loved this book and every single word written by Tahareh here. It was mind blowing, amazing and very interactive to follow. In my opinion it was the best book from this trilogy, but I am sooo looking forward to reading the second trilogy as well, to see if the level is maintained at this status. The characters will face a total transformation and I loved to be part of it, because I felt like I was growing up with them and this made me part of the story.

In “Ignite Me” Juliette was the strongest and the most fun to watch. I feel like she managed to fully embrace her powers and manage to control them without having any fear that something wrong might happen. I was pleased to watch her, to see the way she “cleaned” up her love life and just follow her heart, even if the past was totally NOT in her favor. Her chemistry with Warner was amazing and I loved the way they clicked. Her conflict was visible and it took a while for things to be sorted out, but I liked the way she took a chance. This is one of the most important lesson that were thought in this book: embrace your demons and learn to let go of what is holding you back. The surprise was that nobody guided Juliette to come to this conclusion, she had the maturity necessary to figure it out on her own, which deserved an applause.

On the other side of the story, Warner is surely a very complex character to follow and there were times when I was very confused with my feelings for him. It’s kind of hard to erase the first book from my mind and start from scratch, so it took me a while to fully embrace this twist. Either way, it was fantastic and this hero was amazing. The way he just melted around Juliette was impressive and there were so many tender scenes involving them, in which I only wanted to cry, because they were raw and emotional, but in the meantime something new. This is the first book in which they truly interact, in every sense of the word, and it was explosive. The great aspect about Tahereh’s writing style was that she could actually write a love scene, an intense love scene, and make it in an YA way. It really blew my mind her talent of turning an semi graphic scene to something full of emotion and suitable for everybody to read.

You can actually feel the characters evolving, changing and adjusting to the story, but I was also concerned because I knew that this will not be the end. The story is very complex and requires a finality far better than leaving things hanging. The rest of the world is coming for Juliette and Warner and we have to see what this change will imply and how they will manage to make their relationship work in all this chaos and uncertainty. Kenji and the gang are there to help and to spice up the action. I loved the way they blended into the action and they just fit completely into the plot. Great drafting and hope to see them, especially Kenji, in more depth.

Soon to begin the “Restore Me” trilogy, fingers crossed!! ❤


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