The Fine print by Lauren Asher

3/5 stars

To begin with, I read this book in September, and only now do I get to write this review – what a shaaaaaaame!! I’ve heard so many good things about the story and I couldn’t resist not giving it a try. The fact that the plot was introduced in an amusement park made the story more vivid and original, nothing I’ve read in the past. It really sounded good and I was ready for anything.

The plot was original, but it was not now Wow!!!!! I expected so much more, but I ended up giving the book 3 stars for its originality and for the main heroine. While I don’t know if many are ok with me, the main hero was not my favorite, because I am over cold and calculated men who discover love and suddenly changes. They are not from this dimension anymore and I am not buying these things. No one can be that cold and that insensitive and it is nothing you can say to change my mind.

Zahra is our leading lady, who dreams of becoming a Creator for the theme park Dreamland. Rowan is on a mission – in order to receive his grandfather’s inheritance he needs to come up with something BIG for Dreamland and get the final approvals from the Board. For that, he hires Zahra to do the job, but while on the way, they fall for each other. He hides his real motives from her and eventually, she will find out about them.

Where it was not ok? Well, first, in the way Rowan was portrayed – too cold, too robotic, and without feelings. I get it that it’s a trend right now, you find yourself a character, you made him inhuman and afterward you bring love into the scenario and change his perspective. But not like that – Rowan was very on an automatic machine, without any clear guidance and I couldn’t relate to him or feel something.

The chemistry he had with Zahra was not palpable and I couldn’t feel it. It started as a lie, with so many hidden things and afterward it changed, but I couldn’t see exactly the difference between when and why. The lines are a little blurred and I realized I couldn’t understand a lot from this book because the feeling was not here.

The only reason I have it 3 stars was Zahra because she was sweet and enjoyable, and even if a little naive for her age, she was a ray of sunshine and we all need light in our lives. 🙂

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