King of Wrath by Ana Huang

My rating 4/5 stars

I am not the biggest Ana Huang reader, because we just don’t click. Her Twisted series was very confusing for me and even though Twisted Lies was awesome, I just couldn’t connect with the series and like it overall.

Even if I was not convinced about it, I began this series in hope that maybe something will change and because I needed something easy to read. Surprisingly, I really like the story, even though Dante was not on my radar. I was blinded by Christian, but who can blame me? 😀

So, Vivian and Dante made a great pair, and the tropes of enemies to lovers and arranged marriage were nicely done. I really resonated with Vivian and it was odd for me because I am not an intense fan of the heroines, my focus being mostly on heroes.

Vivian has lived all her life following the rules and when her parents arranged her marriage to Dante, she was not pleased but didn’t back up. Because of their origins and upbringing, she knew she needed to do her job and if an arranged marriage was requested, then so be it. She didn’t know the plans behind the scenes and why was Dante the chosen one, but she will soon enter unknown territory and all her ideals and beliefs will be shattered.

Dante is the same kind of hero that Ana Huang is writing in all of her books. She is portraiting all the same cold, stones hearted heroes that just don’t move and don’t show any kind of emotion. BUT, when the right person comes along, they just melt and realize what is important in life. I don’t like this type of character and even if I know it’s fiction, I just can’t shake the feeling that in reality, things are forced. But overall, Dante did a decent job at becoming a human being, even if the pattern is always the same in her stories. What I think bothered me is the pattern of the author, trying to keep it the same in every book. I think it’s time for her to write about something else and just exit her comfort zone.

This being said I was surprised as well by this story. It is not a masterpiece, and it is not your ultimate love story, but it works when you need a decent story to read. Besides that, I think it was much better than Twisted Love. 😀 Don’t blame me…

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