Royally Screwed by Emma Chase

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

“And we’ll never be royals
It don’t run in our blood
That kind of lux just ain’t for us, we crave a different kind of buzz
Let me be your ruler
You can call me queen bee
And baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule
Let me live that fantasy”

A fantasy it was indeed..Emma Chase and Drew won my heart in “Tangled” and it was an amazing ride for me, and one of my most enjoyable reads, because the lines were so original and hilarious.
Now it was Nicholas time to steal my heart and boy he did it in a royally style. Ever needed a book to take you far away from reality, in a place where princes and perfection existed? This book will take you there, and you will enjoy every minute of it.

When I say fantasy, I say a girl’s dream becoming true when meeting her Prince Charming. The one that will love her no matter what, put her first and give her the world. Yes, this was it!! For 250 pages I managed to escape reality in such a sweet manner and this love story broke my heart and rebuilt it because it felt so real, even when I was aware that everything was fiction and that this things are not possible to happen in real life.


The story was amazingly written and although a little too perfect, it felt real, as I said before. We find our prince, Nicholas, being in a difficult mission, ruling a country after his parents died. He is the perfect example of following the rules, without asking his heart’s permission. Everything for him is written by his countries laws and duty to his people. Love is not in this equation, even his marriage has to be a convenience one, a royalty fit, so that alliances can be made.

Until, one day, he goes in search of his younger brother and finds Olivia in a cafeteria. She has no idea who he is, and this gives her an advantage to see Nicholas, as a man, not as a prince, and give him the well deserved pie in his face.. Funny I know!!!!

Olivia and Nicholas were in a perfect antithesis: simple with complex, poor with rich, reality and dream. Every time you put them together, you can see the difference, but despite that, Olivia was the only one who could see him as a person, with feelings, qualities and flaws. She gave him a little glimpse of what is like to be free, to not care about what everybody says about him and be true to himself.

Nicholas on the other hand, has some issues expressing his true feelings, because having a mask all his life, makes things difficult for him. He managed to feel, due to Olivia, but has a long way ahead of him in breaking the rules for what he wants. Will he leave his duties behind and take a chance for the woman that stole his heart?

” Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
I’ll be waiting; all that’s left to do is run.
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess,
It’s a love story, baby, just say “Yes” ”

I will let you discover the rest of the story, because it is packed with amazing twist and events that will leave you breathless. It will be worthy every page and our spent reading it. The love scenes are amazing and steamy and HOT. The “shaving scene ” was for me the sexiest scene of 2016. I love it and wow.. it killed me.. I’ve read it 4 times and just lingered on the words.. I know.. I know..

I love how they enjoyed every moment together, how they savored their love until the last drop, but I was kind of sad as well, because maybe this things can happen in real life, and it is not fair to put anything in front of your own feelings. I really felt their desperation and it broke my heart.

So.. to end it.. Emma Chase I love you for writing this book, for your trademark humor , your amazing style and your ability to make a fantasy love story so real and deep. I am looking forward to Henry’s book, I want to discover him more and see if the person who wins his heart can tame him and understand his turmoil.

Ps: I still see Scott Eastwood on the cover❤️

5 snowflakes for this one!

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