Twisted Palace by Erin Watt

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

This series has come to an end and what a ride has been..

I loved the Royals and their adventures, but I have to get it out of my system before I literally explode.

My reactions and ideas are split in 2 main categories, that are easily to distinct:

The love story
Reed and Ella felt real to me. They are two teenagers that found themselves wanting something forbidden and now in this book, they get to really explore their feelings. I enjoyed how they managed to tare down the walls and admit their love to one another, even when a lot of things were against them.

It might sound a cliche, but Ella changed him with her love and personality. She was one of he most sincere heroine ever, because at her age she was straight forward and honest to everyone, especially to Reed. They were so alike that it scared me, and she was right, they complement each other so good, that their love story can’t be anything than honest. I enjoyed her determination into making Reed realize what he really wants and accepting it, shouting it out loud. She was the person that pushed him in being a better person and she has all my admiration for it.

I loved the was they were together, the way they were willing to fight for their relationship and the way they were miserable because they loved each other so much and couldn’t be together as they deserve.

“Ella makes me whole. I make her whole. She’s my steel and my fire and my salvation. She’s everything. ”

Reed’s evolution book 1 VS. present
Reeds’ evolution was remarkable. From the broken boy he was in the first book, you really get to see a different person now. More aware of his mistakes and focused on changing something in his life.
He was more mature in this book, more self aware of the damage his action can inflict on other people, and we could discover a Reed that was not afraid of sacrificing himself for what he though was right. This maturity indeed came because he was part of certain events, but I enjoyed seeing the real person behind Reed’s facade. I didn’t believe for a moment his bully and miserable personality from the first book.

The Royal Family
I saw a huge difference in the way the Royal’s treated each other and Ella, compared to their behavior in the first 2 books. Now they are literally a family and I enjoyed their dynamic, their arguments and loyalty moments. What a change it is, if you consider the way they treated Ella at the beginning. The way they made Ella one of their own made me loved them even more, especially Easton, and I can’t wait to read his book, he won my heart.

Book dynamic plot
The dynamic of the book was not for me.. It was hitting you at the beginning, extremely slow in the middle and at the last 10% all things just come like a tornado at you, spinning you around and mixing your feelings. And after his shock, all it’s well in the last 1%. Nooo!! That is not how you handle all the information and discovery you had to face. You have to see how you characters cope with it, how they adjust to the info. I didn’t enjoy this fast forward kind of story telling, I preferred it being more balanced in action and information.

Annoying characters
Steve!! Steve as I said in the update feed, was the most annoying dad in history of dads and I can go on forever about the type of man he is.. But after reading the last part of the book, I will no longer waste my energy of elaborating this subject.

It’s going to be such a romantic and complete scene.. not…
The first time Reed and Ella are together was not as I expected. I mean, I don’t want candles and roses, but it was predictable and flat. They had scenes in where they fooled around and it was hotter and more romantic than the actual IT scene..

So, to complete my review, I loved this series for the wonderful and addictive experience that it had offered me. They will always have a special place in my heart and I don’t regret choosing them. If I made some comments about this book, is doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoyed it, but this little dislikes made this book lose 1 star..

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