Broken Prince by Erin Watt

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

OMG!!!! I am so freaking out.. You know? When I read reviews of girls that were so excited and blown away by the story I was curious what made them act this way.. This book did!! Oh God..

And I am not done.. The first book was awesome, but it crossed a predictable path.. They hate each other but after a while they discover they are so alike and the attraction can be put under a rug, to they cease to it and fall in love. Adding the drama and all of that, it was pleasant. But this book?? The second one killed me.. I was ready to throw my beloved Kindle out the window especially by the second part.. Why all the action and excitement has to be in the last 30%?? Why is my heart responsible for this Royals?? Why? Your feelings adjust to security and calm, and when you are heading towards the finish line, everything happens and blows you aways.

So, coming down from my sock, I have to say that this book has better than the first one. I finally had a dual POV and met Reed. Because in the first book that was not Reed, maybe the sexy and gorgeous exterior, but the real Read was in this book. I loved him. He is exactly as I imagined him to be in a relationship. The funny and charming side didn’t fade away, but he blown me away with his protective, gentle and romantic side. He has baggage, no question about it, but he wants to change and I so Team Reed for this.

Ella is more admirable than in the first book, God she is so mature and strong for her age. In this book I saw a soft and vulnerable side of her, especially in her relationship with Reed. She was also feisty and aggressive, but everybody loves her for that, for her determination and strong will.
I enjoyed how she managed to win the Royals hearts and blend in so naturally. She was the breath of fresh air that they needed and I can’t imagine the boys without her.

The only thing that I need is to discover the rest of the family more. I learnt a lot about Callum in this book, but the twins and Gideon are left in a semi-shade, but maybe in the last book I will get to know them better. The twist and turns and strange relationships are a special element in this family past, so I was constantly amazed to discover more secrets that blown me away. Easton is a sweetheart and his broken/funny/enjoyable personality won me completely. I hope he will get the closure he deserves in the next book, or maybe I will have the honor of reading a book in which he is the hero. So excited if that will be the case.

I am so looking forward to book 3, but I am in the same time sad that this series is coming to an end.. Hopefully it will be a good one for all our beloved characters.

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