Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Starcrossed series by Leisa Rayven is one of my favorite series up to date. The writer did an amazing job in creating this story and characters, from which I had so much to learn and reflect about. Her penmanship in amazing and I was blown away by the complexity and intensity of this book.

“Bad Romeo” was a great journey from the first page to the last one and will leave you wanting for more.
Cassie and Ethan are a huge puzzle that you have to put together in order to truly understand their connection and the things that happened between them.

The plot is very artistic and unique. We find the two heroes studying at The Grove Institute of Creative Arts,in New York, a well known private institute that offered courses in dance, music and visual arts. They both want to become big actors and consider this a huge opportunity to make their dreams come true. From the very beginning Cassie was drawn to Ethan because of his gorgeous figure and laid back attitude. In a few words, he was different, and Cassie figured that out almost immediately.

” The heart want what it wants.. and sometimes it wants something bad ”

They begin a push and pull relationship, and the term to define them is INTENSE. All their actions were intense, beginning with their daily and normal conversations, acting rehearsals or actual plays put together on scene, and ending with their love scenes.

Ethan from my point of view is one of the most complicated and complex heroes I’ve ever read about. He was impossible to read at sometimes, Cassie being the only one who could understand him and love him completely. His fear of letting go and give himself up to his feeling had consequences on their relationship and marked them both. He is also very unsure of his talent, very stubborn in not getting out of his comfort zone, but learns that when you take a leap of faith, the outcome can be very rewarding.


To be sincere, I think that Ethan is unsure in everything that has to do with him, and that’s why he is so reluctant to love. He considers that Cassie is better than him, therefore she deserves something more not somebody who will hurt her. He also has a lot of demons in his past, trust issues that couldn’t be surpassed. Until he meets the right person..
Cassie is amazing. She is smart, funny, very talented and has a true desire to progress and accomplish her dreams. She fells in love with Ethan, and her life is twisted in an unique way because of her feelings for him. I liked her determination and persistence, the way she wanted to show Ethan how good is to love and be loved back.

” For one night just be with me. No fear. No guilt. Just us. ”

She didn’t make him feel less, she always encouraged him to pursue his dreams and never give up. She always told him how talented and special he is. Her loyalty and love made Ethan crack his barriers, but there is a long way until they can be together. Towards the end of the book, we see another Cassie, one that you have to discover in the second installment.

An element that I particularly enjoyed was the way Leisa used art and theater to explore emotions and cross barriers. Read it carefully and understand the message it generates: learn to expand your universe and to want more every day. Lean to not be afraid of taking chances and surpass your fears, because in the end the result might just be magnificent.

To conclude, “Bad Romeo” is one of the most artistic and deep books I have ever read. The love story really blew me away because it was very complex, and the male character for me was a challenge in terms of understanding and connecting. But it was an experience worth every page.

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