Broken Juliet by Leisa Rayven

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

This is the second installment of the series in which I had mixed feeling.. I wasn’t sure second chances could be given considering the amount of heartache that one has to endure, but I was wrong. As cliche as this might sound, love can forgive all, and conquer all.

Bad Romeo ended in cliffhanger, and we got a glimpse of a broken Cassie, left after finally fulfilling her wish of becoming Ethan’s lover.
As I said before, I consider Ethan one of the most complex and complicated hero that I’ve read about, but it was a pleasure discovering him and find out what made him click. He owed us this, trying to understand exactly had happened with him and why is he so tormented, leaving only pain behind him.
Broken Juliet brought us, as the title mentioned, a broken heroine and a redeemed hero who will do the impossible to get her back.
I was not prepare to see Cassie this way, her talent was not gone, but her spark was. She was to me like a soulless person, living but without any hope of loving again. She lived, but didn’t feel. That thing was taken away from her when Ethan left her without any word. She looked for consolation in her work and in casual flings, but nothing compared to the love she had for him. Living in denial was not a good thing for her, kind of made the pain deeper and stronger.

Now, destiny brings them together after all this time, making them work together in a Broadway play. I was confused.. I wanted Cassie to never let Ethan into her life anymore, to just erase him from her thoughts and just forget him.. I understood her completely, because another experience that ended up in heartbreak will end up tragic for her. She was hanging by a thread, without knowing if to take the leap or nop. But, I am such a hopeless romantic and I wanted desperately for them to reconnect and take the second chance that had their name written all over it.

I enjoyed the Then and Now sequences, how the action mingled the past with the present, making the reader have a more detailed opinion about the story.
You know what saved Ethan in my eyes?? His determination and honesty. I truly believed he was sorry and the was he was so persistent and did anything in his power to bring Cassie back was admirable. By the end of the book I just wanted her to let her guard down and star over with Ethan.


Leisa delivered some pretty believable characters, with genuine feeling and raw emotion. It is a drama, in all of this word’s power, because you could connect with the characters and understand why they did certain things. It went full circle for me, and I managed to find exactly what I was looking for..

I’m really happy this couple got the closure is deserved, because after all this pain, my heart would of break not seeing all the pieces being put together so well.


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