Down London Road by Samantha Young

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

This series is really close to my heart, and each book has its unique story and characters.
Having suffered and laughed with Joss and Braden, now we do it all again but with Jo and Cam.
We know Jo from the first book, she is Joss’s colleague and a good friend. Their relationship will go deeper in this book, and I enjoyed seeing the 2 of them together, so connected to each other and eager to help.

So, you all met Jo. She is smart, beautiful, caring, but with a bad background. She was abandoned by her father, an abusive man, who in a way marked her forever. Her mother is an alcoholic, who was pretty useless, and Jo had to take care of her. She has a brother, Cole, who is her main focus in life. She will do anything to protect Cole and to guarantee him that he will have all the commodities he needs in order to study and become someone in life. Their relationship melt my heart. They love each other so much, are there for one another and the things Jo does are strictly for Cole, to be sure he doesn’t suffer materially speaking.

Cole will be developed in one of Samantha’s book and you will love the boy he became, all thanks to the protection his sister provided. Cam will also have a solid contribution, he will became a role model for Cole and will be a positive example in his development and career choice. Just wait and see. You will love their bromance.

In the name of this love, Jo was looking for older man who can provide her and her brother a certain material stability. She wasn’t a gold digger, but she wanted that safety for her brother and to try to keep him safe, considering his background with their mother, who besides from being an alcoholic, was also abusive towards Cole. Jo consider that she didn’t deserve to be happy and focused mainly on making Cole happy, encouraging him to study and now worry about who pays the bills and takes care of their mom.

Enters Cam.. the moment he met Jo, he was very judgmental and I kind of hate him for that. He only considered the exterior, and wasn’t able to see Jo for the person she was: kind, caring and able to sacrifice anything for her brother. He was very mean to her, considering her a gold digger and making her feel kind of cheap because she was dating an older guy, Malcom, basely for his money.
The situation changes when Cam moved in Jo’s and Cole building and they star to spend a lot of time together.

The first half of the book was a little boring for me, because I wanted the 2 of them to just realize how good they are together. The second part was interesting and very captivating.
After Cam realized what a jerk he was and saw the real Jo, he was mesmerized by her and we can’t blame him, but sincerely speaking it took him long enough. He became determined to show her how wrong he was, how he made a mistake in making assumptions without knowing her and her circumstances. The spider scene was overwhelming.


Their romantic scenes were so hot and had Samantha’s print all over them. The thing that I enjoy the most is her capacity of creating a new and better love story, with more passion and intensity, but giving each couple unique elements to define their relationship. You just don’t read the same thing for 6 books, no.. you read an unique story, the only thing that binds them are the characters from the series.

Our old friends, Joss and Braden, are actively present in this book and you will love them even more. They had a definite contribution to our heroes evolution and you will see what true friendship means by reading this story.
5 stars for this book, besides the characters and the unique love story, it also generates a strong domestic message, but I will let you discover this by yourself.

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