Beautiful by Lauren Christina

My Rating: 2/5 Stars

I am so sorry for this poor rating, it was unexpected and sad to give only 2 stars, but I really struggled..

I thought that maybe the beginning was slow and it will be more dynamic as the plot progressed, but it wasn’t like that.
Everything happened too fast, the dialogues were boring, I had to skip various pages to survive and even with the skipping I didn’t left anything aside..which is odd, because if nothing happens for pages and pages, maybe the scenes are not so important and don’t need to be in the book.

I just didn’t connect with the story, it was slow and uneventful, without spice, just flat..
Mostly, I didn’t connect with the characters.. I liked Pippa, I think she deserved this 2 stars.. she was funny, cheerful, smart, a pleasant heroine to watch.. but it ends here..
I couldn’t make up my mind about Jensen, he was so confusing and his obsession for work was frustrating. He literally put Pippa aside because his work was more important.. what???

And I didn’t enjoyed how Pippa went after him and Jensen didn’t move a muscle.. he didn’t understood the connection and the intensity they had, and waited until the last pages to come to his senses. I hate this type of heroes..and if I think so, he should of fought harder for her.. it was a very strange relationship.

The sex and romantic scenes weren’t that hot, compare them to the previous books and you will see the difference. There were not so frequent and lacked feeling.. they didn’t impressed me at all.

I think is better to finish here, because I loved the series too much to ruin my opinion of it based on this last book.

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