Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

I began this series on the wrong foot, but as the books were released, I realized that they deserved a chance.. The first book wasn’t a hit for me, I didn’t understand it and was on fast forward on the majority of the pages. The second one was OK, and the third one was it!!!! Wow!!!

I have a weakness for nerdy hot heroes, and Oliver managed to keep me quite satisfied on all levels!! He was smart, nerdy hot, very passionate about everything he did and loved Lola so much. Lola on the other hand wasn’t a big hit for me, I wanted her to realize they are more important things that your career and just give Oliver a chance, to accept him and let him in. I admired her for her talent and dedication when it came to work and her passion for graphic comics, but she sucked at relationships! I wanted to strangle her for not seeing Oliver and facing that she deserves happiness, that love isn’t a distraction to her goals, but a way of achieving them.

Their moments were hot and passionate and everyone could figure out how good they are together!!
Oliver is my favorite boy from this series and talking from a subjective POV I love him so much!!! Nerd, geek or whatever I considered him HOT and sexy and sweet and with a lot of patience for our girl Lola. I have to admit that after reading the first book of the series I wasn’t so into it, but now Oliver managed to change my mind. The story was original but a little predictable.

Did I mentioned that 90% of the book was read due to Oliver?:D

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