Beautiful Stranger by Lauren Christina

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

Max Stella put up a good fight on being my number one beautiful guy, but unfortunately he will have to settle with the second spot, leaving the first a total mystery.
This book was ORIGINAL. I have to admit that I’ve never read this type of story, but I enjoyed it and felt it to be real.
Christina Lauren managed to share with us a beautiful story about 2 people that wanted no strings attached affair, but inevitable end up falling in love. Kind of predictable, but after reading so many book, not many things surprise you.

Sara is Chloe’s best friend, who comes to work at Bennet’s company, after finding out that her boyfriend cheated on her. She wants a fresh start and she will have it.
Fate has a plan for Sara, who meets Max in a bar while celebrating her new job. Spark fly ** predictable I know** and that night managed to be memorable for the two of them. Fate insists, and after their short but affair, they keep on bumping into each other by coincidence. The level of lust and attraction hits a boiling point and Max and Sara agree to see each other again, but in different places and situations.

This was very original and it literally turns you on, being witness to this sexy escapades. Their obsession with taking photos is also a very kinky and enjoyable to watch.

” I love you, too. Click. But I’m terrified. He lowered the camera: Eyes on me.
I didn’t want to fall in love with you.
He took a step closer. If it makes you feel any better , you put up a very impressive fight”

Sara was more stubborn that Max, not wanting to get hurt again and insisted so much to keep things casual between them. I understood her point, but who can resist a Max Stella with a British accent?? He was so persistent, charming and managed to melt her heart. She put up a fight though..
You will enjoy every minute of this book, because the permanent changing of the locations will keep you posted and intrigued constantly and you will feel the development of the plot.

From no strings to passionate love, Max and Sara’s story was delicious.

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