The fix up by Kendall Ryan

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

This is my first book from Kendall Ryan and this premiere had my curiosity reaching its highest level.

I am a fan of slow burn romance, letting the connection between the characters get deeper and deeper, but I also enjoy instant attraction, as long it is genuine.
I had a pleasant surprise when I discovered this book and its characters.

The plot is very original and intriguing, absorbing you completely: Sterling is a gorgeous lawyer, who finds himself in a very awkward situation: in order to receive an inheritance his grandfather left him, he needs to get married in maximum 6 months. We are talking about a lot of money here, and Sterling jumps into taking this opportunity, his priority being supporting his sick mother with this unexpected amount he will receive. There is one problem though: he doesn’t want to get married because he simply doesn’t believe in this word..Thanks to his profession, he got the opportunity to see people break up, fight and forget the vows they swore to respect. Having this background, we can see why this is hard for him. Enters Camryn a.k.a.his matchmaker and PR, who will organize everything so that Sterling could get married as soon as possible and receive the money.

She will have to find Sterling a suitable wife, so in this way both love and money are crossed off his list. They met before, having common friends, and their chemistry is off the charts! When they are in the same room, everything stops and all eyes are on them.
They will soon embark on a very risky relationship, that will put in question Sterling’s priorities: money or love?

Sterling was a genuine good guy, a fun hero to read about. I liked the fact that he was not a player, that he respected women and he was sincere in his intentions. The pull that he felt towards Camryn was hard to resist, and he took his chance by telling her exactly how he feels. Even if he had this faire share of adventures, he is very unexperienced in dealing with his feelings for Camryn, a woman he really likes. I enjoyed that immature part of him and loved his connection with his mother. This loyalty and sense of responsibility towards her was heartwarming. He was torn between acting and feeling, between duty and love.

Camryn managed to steal his heart very fast, due to her charming personality, witty attitude and intelligence. She was natural near him, found conversations so easy to make and everything just flew easily when they were together. She was looking for love, for her better half and found it in the most unexpected place.

Their vision towards love and happily ever after were different to begin with, but the strong attraction united them and what a fabulous and sweet result we had!

Add as a bonus their insane attraction, sexy conversations and hot scenes!
Regarding that, 1000 stars for the way those scenes were described! Pure hotness, without exaggerating and really convincing the reader that the heroes are compatible on all levels!

I liked the way their relationship evolved, it didn’t take too long for them to accept their feelings, but there were moments when I thought things were hurried up just a little.
I enjoyed the sincerity of the heroes, the way they managed to accept their attraction and figure out a way to be together, despite Sterlings responsibilities.

To conclude, a very enjoyable read, with a lot of delicious scenes, lovable characters and original plot!

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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