By Any Other Name by J.M. Darhower

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

This is the first book I’ve read about forbidden love, like Romeo and Juliet, but in a contemporary landscape. All of this mix with mafia and rivalry elements made this read an absolute delight for me from the beginning until the end.

You have to read the plot all by yourself and promise not to take sides. Being like a normal version of Romeo and Juliet, we are faced with the hard decision of choosing a side. Genna’s family or Matty’s? For me it was kind of impossible.. There were scenes where one family was right, one where the other was and it totally blurred me, making me just witness the events hoping a middle way was going to be reached.

Genna and Matty were an unique couple, fighting for their love in a scenario where everything was against them. Genna although being only 18, was a very strong and determined heroine, a little bit wild for my tastes, but I connected with her and found her very interesting. Matty was…Matty!! He had this mystery aura around him and put me under his spell from second 1. I liked the way he treated her, the way he loved her and how determined he was to keep Genna. A thing that I admired at both heroes was their loyalty for their families, although they love each other and were aware of it being forbidden.

The tension and action were 90% present in this book, and the love story is so genuine and sweet, although I felt that it was really not developed as it deserved. I wanted more more romantic scenes, more feelings from them and maybe some scenes where they get to explore more in depth their love.

Either way, it was a hit for me, keeping me pinned to its pages until the very end! Please go faster with the sequel!!

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