Splendor by Janet Nissenson

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

This is one of the best books that I had read in 2016 and although the list continues when it comes to good books, this one always pops in my mind.
It is fantastic!!

To begin with, I love the books where you can clearly see an evolution of the main characters. For the heroine, this has been a path of discovery and of loving herself again. I am very glad to have read a book like this that inflicts a sense of wanting to become a better person due to the one you have beside you. This connection between the characters where they support one another and heal each other was fantastic for me.

Ian is one of my favorite book boyfriends because of the multiple qualities he posses, but beside that, he was my hero for the way he healed Tessa and made her strong in body, mind and soul,confident in her abilities and in her relationship with others. Love is the key element here and maybe it can sound a little odd, but in the majority of the situations, can heal everything. The depth of their love and devotion was so sweet, that while reading this book I was trapped in this word, with very low possibility of escaping. It is kind of rare for me to feel so hooked upon a book, but this combination was it for me:) After meeting Tessa for the first time, he felt that connection towards here and I was literally dying that she will realize what an amazing man she has by her side. He was loyal and devoted, making it his mission to erase everything bad from her past and replace it with happy memories. He was amazing and every time I thing about this hero there are no other words that appraisals for him.

I trully hope that in real life every woman can find their Ian, because they deserve it. This is the classical tale of Cinderella, beautifully reinterpreted that makes you swoon and dream. I know that maybe this love story and happenings were only to be read about, but it was worthy living in a imaginary and perfect word when you have this love story to melt your heart.

I strongly recommend this book due to the excellent writing style, the humor, the drama and the intense elements that Janet used to portrait this beautiful love story!

The best of this series by far!!

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