Serendipity by Janet Nissenson

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

“Serendipity is the gift we find accidentally when we make a choice or life chooses a course of action for us”

I discovered this series by accident, and I have to tell you that I feel very lucky for doing so.
This is my first book from Janet and I was surprised by her writing style: it was honest,simple, amazingly hot and funny.
I have to admit that I was attracted to the book because of its title and felt the need to meet this heroes upfront. Julia and Nathan are total strangers, but end up having a steamy one night stand. Their attraction is instant and although my feelings toward this kind of chemistry are not totally positive, their relationship was genuine and the moments they shared truly made me believe in their connection.


Julia was my type of heroine. She was smart, gorgeous, admired by every women out there because of her looks and smart attitude. She was also fierce and the intensity of her feelings made me admire her. She is not an one night stand girl, but due to her chemistry with Nathan, she took the chance and ended up falling in love with him. She was like “what you see is what you get” and didn’t hide anything. She completely gave herself to him, and although she was aware of not seeing him again, didn’t have any doubt of being with him.

Nathan on the other hand, had something to hide. When meeting Julia, he was engaged to be married and confessed this after their night together.. I’ve read a lot of negative reviews regarding the cheating aspect, but I think they are wrong. First, Nathan was genuine attracted to Julia and loved her from the minute he saw her. Second, his engagement was purely official, without having deep feelings regarding his fiance. He respected her and wanted to do the right thing, but the love he felt for her was not comparable to his feelings towards Julia.
Third, he struggled with this situation and tried to keep his distance from Julia. He pretended to be happy with his fiance, tried to make things work, but in the end he couldn’t. He just kept on interacting with her, discovering not only what a beautiful person she is on the outside, but on the inside as well.
So, pointing to this things, he was not a miserable and pathetic cheater, he only made mistakes and tried desperately to correct them, but fate had other plans for this couple.

I loved this book and even with this minor element that a lot of people dislike, I enjoyed the characters, the plot that was dynamic and consistent and please don’t forget the serious amount of hot scenes that were delightful.


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