Cocky Bastard by Penelope Ward

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

This duo is killing me!! And this book is helping them!!

I know I’ll repeat myself but i can’t help it. Penelope in every combination is amazing, solo or with Vi.. I love her and her books will always the first in my TBR list.
Cocky bastard was brilliant and the funniest in the series from my point of view.

The plot is insanely simple but Penelope and Vi made it sexy and charming for us readers.
Aubrey picks up an Aussie, Chance, when she is driving across the country to California after splitting up with the boyfriend who cheated on her. Her car breaks down and Chance helps her fix it, in exchange for a ride. They click almost immediately and soon fall in love. Aubrey is extremely independent, but a little unsure of herself. After the cheating aspect she is reluctant to start a new relationship, but with Chance she considers giving it a shot. Chance is funny as hell, smart and good looking, a former athlete who now poses for calendars for a living.

Their trip to California transforms into a live changing experience and after that they will never be the same again. Chance shows Aubrey how to live and feel again, giving yourself up to temptation and not regretting it for a second. Their relationship was based on instant chemistry and there also was a slow burn, because visibly, something was keeping Chance guarded in showing his attraction to Aubrey.

The book is divided into the 2 parts I’m so afraid of in Penelope’s books. After the first part where they fall in love, we have the second part that scares me to death. The aftermath..But this one please discover on your own.
I loved the chemistry between the characters. OMG it was insane and I wanted to literally go in the book and hook them up already! They were so good for each other and took them so long to realize it. After discovering what kept Chance in giving Aubrey his heart, I was devastated but hoped that their destiny will change and have the happy ending they deserve. In the second part we get to see another Chance, strong and determined to get his love back. You will swoon on his attempts and love him even more.

The originality of the story was a bonus for me, but mostly the intensity of it and the humorous passages made the delight of this book!! A wonderful story of second chances and instant chemistry.

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