Hearts of Fire by L.H. Cosway

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Without having to repeat myself, I love this series. After reading Jay’s story I wanted asap to read Jack’s, particularly because we all know that they are brothers. In the first installment we get to read Jay’s story and how he thinks he lost his brother in the fire that killed his family. Apparently, he is not dead, but he lived with the impression that his brother abandoned him, that he was not wanted anymore.

So here is the story in short phrases: Lille is a young girl fascinated by art. Her passion for it is very intense and she plans of pursuing a career in this field. Her mother though, has something to say about it. She wants another path for Lille and forces her to study business. Lille is an adventurous and naive soul, that seeks thrills and new sensations at a young age, things that in her house with her mother she can’t obtain.

She decides to leave home and join a a traveling circus, The Circus Spektakular. Here she meets Jack McCabe, the fire breather and knife thrower and she is immediately fascinated by him. Jack is every girls dream, young, handsome, with a strong personality and very sure of himself. He is also very mysterious and Lille wants to discover all his sides by becoming his friend. They get to spend a lot of time together, enjoying each others company and that friendship will evolve into an amazing and passionate love story.

They are intense to say the least, very different, but fitting in the same time. While Jack has an explosive personality, Lille is very naive and sweet, the perfect balance for him. Jack’s past has influenced him a lot, because he lost his family at a young age and the feeling of abandon and not being wanted hunted him all his life. Due to Lille, and you will see what contribution she has in this, he manages to feel whole again, not only by loving again, but by having a piece of his heart put back together.

Lille wanted adventure and she found it. She wanted to be able to express herself freely, to experiment emotions and live intensively. Her calm and sweet personality was a hit for me, I enjoyed this character very much and was truly surprised of her evolution. By the end of the book we get to see that Lille has managed to change, becoming strong and independent, but having the same features she had when arriving at the circus. She was a pleasant heroine to watch and I believed she was perfect for Jack, a counterweight to his impulsive attitude. They fit together so well, on a emotional and psychical level.

The second part of the book was so emotional and so intense, it will take your breath away. The circus provided an unique and excellent background for the story to develop and I enjoyed every page. Congrats to the writer for providing so accurate description of the circus environment, making you witness all its beauty and lovely people. You could feel the devotion she put in recreating that atmosphere, fitting all the details to perfection.

I totally recommend this book, it will fascinate you and make you eager to read the third one.
As a hint for that, in Hearts of Fire we will meet the hero from the third installment,Oliver King, and I am dying to know his story and the circumstances that lead to his present situation.

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