Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I am a huge fan of Colleen’s book and this is my favorite book . It always pops in mind when I think of her and sincerely, I consider it the best when it comes to story, characters and feelings surrounding it.

This is a book worthy exploring, without me spoiling any of the plot, but I want to talk about the characters and the amazing way there were put together.

Let’s begin with Sky. Even her name is beautiful and unique. She is different in a very strange way.. She lives, but doesn’t feel. She kisses and dates boys, but never felt in love. Nobody managed to crack her exterior, being a mystery to many. Until she meets Dean. Temperamental and stubborn, he begins to pursue Sky, being the perfect match for her. Not to point out that they have tremendous chemistry and you can visibly see how good they are for each other. Not only the attraction binds them, but their imperfect past and tormented souls. I so loved their connection, their innuendos, the way they are together, free of expressing their love for one another.

Although they are young, I liked their maturity. Sky and Dean went through a lot in their childhood, some memories being blocked, some none, but clearly it affected them even unconsciously.
It will leave you speechless and at some point very say, but I will be worth the ride.

As the plot progress, we will see how connected they are and how destiny manages to go full circle.
Every time when I think about this couple my heart is killing me, because I know the amount of hurt and raw intensity they have in them. It was a very sad story, mind blowing with the twist provided, and as usual, I enjoyed the message it sent, because every time you have a food for thought in every Colleen’s book.


I guarantee you that every story of hers gives you a hangover and you will not forget it so easily.
The drama is an element Colleen uses well, and besides other books that are not realistic, this one is so down to earth, doesn’t sugar coat anything and just presents you a plot that can easily be introduce in real life.

The pure drama and feelings that trespass the book are elements that I enjoy in a masochistic way, but they are my wake up call, that not everything is good in this world. People are broke, bad things happen, but is important to see how they heal, how they help each other be better and move on.
My favorite book and definitely her best to date.

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