Be with Me by J. Lynn

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I consider “Be with me” the best of the series, although I love the first one, I connected more with this and maybe because of the characters.
Avery was very fragile and vulnerable, but I was in the mood of reading something about a determined and stubborn heroine. Teresa was it:)

The book follows Teresa and Jase, Cam’s little sister and best friend.
They have a history together, sharing a kiss some time ago but keeping it friendly after that. Jase was drunk and confused, but Teresa knew what she was doing. She was secretly in love in with and wanted a chance to make him happy. Jase on the other hand was guarded and kept his distance, partly because we are talking about his best friend litte sister, but mainly because he has a well guarded secret that once revealed, it would change Teresa’s opinion about him.

I liked Teresa so much. She was the typical straight forward style, determined, passionate and committed. She was in love with Jase and once feeling they may have a chance, she went full throttle to win him over. She was not afraid of his brother and defended her love for Jase.
She was very brave, but also fragile, and made me admire her more for it. She also accepted anything that came with Jase, because she loved him without judging.

Jase was a very tormented guy, with a mysterious past and with a heavy baggage. He was also attracted to Terasa, but his responsibilities were more important than love. He was committed to a role he had for years, and once letting someone in might have consequences. He was very mature for his age and didn’t put his needs first. He gave up a lot in his life and I really believe he deserves to be happy with a person that can accept and see him for what he is.

The love scenes between them were intense and passionate. I loved the way Jennifer made them click so well, although at first their relationship was impossible.
I enjoyed seeing Cam and Avery back, but Cam really managed to upset me with this overprotective side. In the end I understood his position, that this is what big brothers do.

Overall, I love this series for the amazing characters it provides us and for the amazing and original stories we witnessed.

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