Collide by Gail McHugh

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

This is one of the most wonderful books in 2015 and although it has a lot of controversy around it, I loved it.

This is a story about betrayal and suffering, but also one about love and second chances.
The main plot surrounds Emily Cooper who begins a new life in NY together with her boyfriend, Dillon. In the first chapters we see a happy couple,that is trying to settle down and enjoy their relationship.

Dillon was there for Emily in her terrible moments of grief and due to all the background they have, this start means much to them in order to make their relation permanent. Emily’s world will be shook once Gavin enters the scene. He is a charming business man, friend of Dillon’s, who finds Emily fascinating. The fact that he is funny, handsome and has a lot of things in common with her helps them develop a sweet friendship. I will not spoil everything about how they met, you will have to read the book and believe in destiny:)

Things progress in a natural manner, Emily’s path intersected with Gavin’s many times and in all of them we can see how different he is from Dillon. The antithesis between them is obvious at a point and everyone can see it, including Emily. While Gavin is sweet, attentive and caring, Dillon is frustrating, mean, bored and sometimes even violent.

I like the awareness the writer sends here regarding domestic violence, an often element inserted in book with a certain purpose. Slowly a love triangle is formed but there were circumstances regarding the events that went on.

Emily’s and Dillon relationship is based on domination from Dillon’s side, no tenderness, respect and apparently no love. In opposition to that, Gavin loves Emily sincerely and will do anything to make her happy, he fights for her and he is determined to show her how great they can be together. A lot of mistakes are made by Emily because she wanted to do the right thing, but sometimes destiny has other plans for you.

This book had one of the most intense love scenes I have ever read, without being too much, too exaggerated. It had the right amount of love, sensuality and passion that needed to be included in the book, and made the scenes look fantastic and hot. That intensity was felt not only in the love scenes, but also in the relationship between Emily and Gavin, all their dialogues, their glimpses, their attraction were so beautifully described and made you connect with them.

Many will ask if cheating is involved and well, I am going to let you discover that by yourself because many have the tendency of judging before actually understanding the circumstances leading to a certain outcome. But please, be open minded and put yourself in Emily’s place. The heroine was very well developed and you will certain connect with her in all emotional levels. Put yourself in her position and try to see what you would have done in her place. From my point of view, the answer isn’t that hard.

Maybe she did a lot of mistakes, but being confused and scare never helps anybody make the right decision. In the end, it is never too late to realize that maybe you choose wrong and if a thing was made for you, you will have it eventually.
That is what Collide is all about- making the right decision based on what you need and dream about, and having the courage to seek it, even if you are not convinced that all odds are in your favor.



  1. Dillon was terrible and Emily as well for an important part of the book. But, at the end it is important to see the bigger picture here and if Gavin loved her, we have to do as well:D


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