Pulse by Gail McHugh

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

One of my favorite book has a sequel and I am so excited to share with you my opinion about it.
Collide was awesome in all the right places and I fell in love with Gavin and Emily almost immediately, because as a couple they are intense and sweet.

The last chapter from Collide managed to cut my blood circulation and I was hungry to read Pulse.. I was so sorry with what happened to Gavin and really mad at Emily for making this happen. Now, we embark in a very adventurous attempt to get Gavin back, and I am all aboard with it.

Emily needs Gavin forgiveness and heads out to find him. You have to read the book to find out what happens next, but it is worth every page. At the beginning, he find a wrecked Gavin, that lost all hope in being with the woman he loves. He is not very confident in their love, and very afraid that Emily will leave him again. A second attempt may destroy him completely.


From my point of view he forgave her too easily.. I mean.. She dumped him without accepting a justification, without talking to him, rushed the marriage plans she has with her boyfriend and just shut him out. I was extremely sad to witness Gavin’s hurt and just so mad at Emily.. She should have been more mature and not fall victim to anger and hurt. But leaving this aside, I thought that Emily will grow on me again, and just be patience to see how the action develops.

Gavin, if possible, is even more amazing than in Collide and made me fall in love with him even more. He deserves 90% of the rating that I gave to this book, because he is perfect. He doesn’t want want to be away from Emily anymore and will do anything to keep her, to protect her from the ones that want to harm her. He is so confident and determined to show her the bright future they have ahead, and he is just perfect. Half through the book, we are faced with a twist that felt us OMG, and in this situation we she what a great and lovable man he is.

He is willing to except anything from Emily, if it means being with her forever. There is something you don’t find every day and spoke to highly about him. I hope he exists in real life and that some girl gets to enjoy him:)
I found a more mature Emily, a more determined and confident one, that managed to keep her fears aside and confront her problems. She made a great team with Gavin and I was happy that all the fears were gone between them.

I enjoyed how the plot developed, the twist that blow my mind away and made a very good subject to focus on. The mystery behind it was a stroke of genius for Gail’s part and added to the drama of the series.

Everything was perfect beside that one chapter that took like 5 year of my life in just 10 minutes, and after reaching the next one, 5 years more to adjust to reality. I mean, it was that necessary? Never mind.. I love this book with everything in it and totally recommend it for the awesome hero, great plot and extremely intense love scenes.. augggh..

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