Twisted by Emma Chase

My Rating: 2/5 Stars

You know that scene with Chris Evans when at Jimmy Fallon’s show and talking about his nephew that couldn’t pronounce the “L” correctly and instead came out “W”? Yap, that’s me! I DON’T “WIKE” IT !!!!!!

I am a huge fan of Tangled and sincerely Drew was the funniest hero in all my reading history, which is not poor at all. I laughed so much, until tears came out. He was hilarious and sometimes so immature that I wanted to punch him in the face for hurting Kate and jumping to stupid conclusions without asking questions first.

The second installment from the series provides us a glimpse into their relationship, that developed in the course of 2 years. It was literally the hottest prologue I’ve ever read and believe me, this 2 stars are only for I’m lying, there is a scene at the end of the book between Drew and Kate’s mom that really soften me and I remember why Drew is such a great guy.

I thought maybe our heroes are mature now and learned their lesson, but as the plot progressed I figured that I was so wrong.. History is repeating and that really made me angry because I was having a deja-vu over the same thing…

Only now this misunderstanding that seemed to be the whole plot of the book was so childish and could have been prevented by talking and sorting things out on the spot!!!! Not acting like a teenager/freaking a**hole or leaving without being sure that everyone is talking about the same damn thing. Drew behavior made me so angry at him and I wanted to be there to throw him out the window. I know that he was hurt but you don’t talk like that to a woman that shared your bed for 2 years and most of all, LOVE!!! Kate acted childish as well, and would have been able to prevent it by coming clean with her secret.. but of course things were made this way and twisted for us to roll in pain for the rest of the book…

Aside from the simple and frustrating action that lead to this book, the narrating style was not for me.. Drew’s POV was amazing and I enjoyed it throughout the book, but Kate’s was dull.. The writer tried to make her funny like Drew, but only intoxicated my with a lot of details about certain characters and events that were not interesting and I ended up skipping a lot of them in order to get to the point already.. Not to mention that at the end of the book, after reading Kate’s idea of being independent I couldn’t understand it and just gave up…

If you ask me, the whole idea of the being pregnant and all could has been easily included into an longer epilogue and everyone was happy.

I am very sorry for this raking and hope that I was not very harsh with this book, but my expectations were higher.

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