Paper Hearts by Claire Contreras

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

This series is soooo sweet and it makes you believe in true, endless and warming love! I really liked the first book, but this one was better and I’ve loved every part of it! The intensity and the passion were palpable and the writer made you witness this overwhelming love that the heroes feel for each other.

If “Kaleidoscope Hearts” was sweet and made me swoon, this one was about raw passion and heartbreak for the one that got away. It was very different and more explicit that the first book, more of my liking. The feeling were more exposed, more intense and will take your breath away.
I connected with Mia and Jensen, because I really felt sad for their story and hope they will get the well deserved happy ending.

The thing that impressed me the most was how powerful Jensen was as a hero. Although he made a huge mistake while young, how he is willing to fight for Mia. His determination was fascinating for me and made me admire him dearly. I enjoyed his Then and Now transformation, and Now was so worthy. He is more mature, confident and certain of one thing: that he is destined to be with Mia. I loved how he made her realize that even if they have a bad background, with a lot of pain, love can erase all that because their feelings are stronger. Amazing hero, I know!!!!!

I experienced drama and angst, but for this story it was worthy!!
The best book from this series by FAR.


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