Playboy Pilot by Penelope Ward

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

” Waiting to take you away
Climb in the back with your head in the clouds
And you’re gone, girl with kaleidoscope eyes”

I made a mix of the lyrics but I think they fit really well!
This book was unbelievable!! Comparing it to the previous 2 ones, I consider it being the best in terms of plot and complexity. I cannot compare the characters because each one had its own individuality and were completely different in all 3 books.

I want to share a few details about the plot, without spoiling anything important. Kendall Sparks found herself in an airport, without knowing where to go. She is facing a though decision in about a weeks time and needs some time for reflect on the future. A flash trip is exactly what she has in mind. There she meets Carter, a gorgeous and very straightforward man. They click instantly and without knowing, the live they know is about to change, embarking on a wonderful trip of rediscovery. Carter asks Kendall to go to Rio with him, despite that they know each other for about 10 minutes, and she says yes. After that, a lot of interesting things happen, many journeys occur and throughout them, they fall in love.


This was for me a very interesting and unique plot, that encourages you to make some unexpected decisions that might change your live forever. I liked the way the writers encourages us to follow our hearts and take that dive into the unknown, because at the end of the path, we wont regret it.
Let me tell you something about the characters: Kendall is a girl tormented by a decision she has to make in order to continue having financial stability. She is kind of insecure in her own abilities, feels lost and doesn’t have anyone to open about her problems. She meets Carter in the airport and the moment they meet spark fly. Carter is confident, smart, good looking, funny, sassy and kind of arrogant, managing to intrigue Kendall well enough for her to accept his dare and take that leap of faith with him. They fly to Rio, Amsterdam and Florida, each journey being a development in their relationship.

Kendall and Carter are good for each other but it takes a while for them to figure it out. Kendall being so insecure and Carter having some baggage of his own, they learn first of all to trust each other, to confide the things that keep them from moving on and to seek for forgiveness and understanding. After they manage to do that, they can permit the fast growing attraction that fascinates them to become a real thing. The love scenes were so well written, so passionate and lovely, it’s impossible not to enjoy them.

A plus for this book is the accent put on faith. Both characters were looking for signs to see if their relationship is possible, and it all looked like a puzzle, all waiting for you to put the pieces together.
The Beatles references was amazing and I enjoyed every connection made between the happenings and their songs! Good documentation on that one.

We also have a surprise! A former character makes his appearance and it was hilarious.
In a few word, this is the best book from the series! I consider Penelope and Vi one of the most successful duo YTD, always managing to enchant me and making me read their books with such passion and dedication.


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