Showmance by L.H. Cosway

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

I discovered Cosway while reading “The Hearts” series and I loved her since page 1. While I’m waiting for this books to appear, I read her standalone ones and my fascination is the same. I recognize her penmanship and just can’t let the book down until the end.
Showmance was something new for me in terms of background, because the story revolves around an actor and a choreographer.

Basically the plot is very simple: Damon discovered fame at a young age, winning an Oscar for one of his performances. Something happened in his life that forced him to leave the spot light and live in a nearly deserted island for years alongside his grandmother. As a last promised to her before she died, he accepts to act again and be the star he once was.

Now, present day, he receives an opportunity to star in a London Play, an adaptation of the musical Moulin Rouge. There, he meets Rose, a young and talented girl, who prefers to stay in backstage, as an assistant choreographer. He instantly connects with her and they begin a sweet friendship that develops into something more.

I loved the characters, but Damon was more complex and interesting to discover than Rose. We has very uncertain of himself, very guarded and at the beginning kind of strange..This relationship with Rose made him more laid back and connected to reality, because he had a hard time adjusting to the present environment he was in, after all the years spent on a island.

I enjoyed discovering his protective and carrying side, the way he was with Rose making him feel more and more alive.
“She was a sea of calm to my troubled thoughts and I wanted to feel more of that”

Rose was a lovely heroine for me. She was not aware of how talented she is and I liked the way Damon makes her believe in her abilities as a dancer. After she was left brokenhearted by an actor, she promised herself not to fall for that trick again and didn’t date anyone with that profession. I didn’t like the labels she put on every actor she met, including Damon.

I understood her feelings, but people are different despite having the same job, and she labeled them the same without even knowing them appropriately. After she figured out what an amazing guy Damon is, she lets her guard down and I enjoyed their love scenes so much. I recommend the spin the bottle scene, it was awesome and it gives me the chills only thinking about it.

Their relationship was about healing, moving on and acceptance. Healing because they had deceptions in love or other types of events in the background that changed their personality. Their love was strong enough to heal those wounds and start over. Moving on is mainly addressed to Damon, because through Rose he managed to get a fresh start with somebody by his side and acceptance because they both trusted each other with their pro’s and con’s without judging.

When you love a person you are aware of the package he is caring and you love them no matter what.They were not perfect and this reality element made me feel more connected to them. They made mistakes or acted spontaneously, but they were capable in the end of making the right choice.
Loved the art elements, the acting, the dancing, it all made me as being witness to a “showmance” and I enjoyed reading a book with this type of background.

Last and not least, I love the writer, I am a big fan of hers and thank you for this amazing book and love story.

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