The Goal by Elle Kennedy

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

I enjoyed this series very much, but one of my frustrations was that I couldn’t rank the boys according to my liking. From the 3 previous book, Garret was first, then Logan and Dean, but now we are officially changing the rankings! Tucker you are nr.1 !! He is something else, completely different from the others, and he so deserves this spot.

We got a glimpse of the plot in the third book- The Score- and we all know that his love interest is Sabrina James, Dean’s former hookup.
The story line is very simple, surrounding Tucker and Sabrina’s relationship and how do they cope with parenting at a young age.
Sabrina doesn’t have all the commodities a girl would want to, she lives with her grandma and stepfather in a very small house, and her life has been a struggle to get out of there and live a happy life. She studied hard, worked hard to make money and someday be independent. Her dream is becoming a lawyer and graduating Harvard, a dream that was palpable until she meets John Tucker and suddenly her world changes dramatically.

Tucker is absolutely gorgeous and sweet, a semi player, but always having the desire of finding the right girl for him and starting a family. His upbringing tough him to be respectful, nice, patient and chivalrous, qualities that will make you love him instantly. He is like the mother bear for Garret, Dean and Logan, always the mature and serious one, managing in being objective and giving the best pieces of advice when situation requires.

He starts a heated relationship with Sabrina, despite that everyone considers her icy, not being capable of loving someone. What people can’t see is how hard Sabrina keeps her feelings for herself, because she has a goal in life: to study hard so she can move from her house, to start a new and quiet life. She considered Tucker a distraction and at the beginning she shielded herself from any emotion, mainly because she considered Tucker so much better than her. But Tucker managed to get through her barriers and with his charming personality and swooning way of being he got her heart, and never let go.

After the pregnancy is confirmed their relationship changes, leaving them with many question marks in how to handle the situation. Because she was abandoned as a child, doesn’t know exactly how to communicate with Tucker, she kind of takes all the burden for herself, and didn’t realize what an amazing guy she has by her side. Tucker was so patient, so kind and understanding, gave her the space necessary to figure things out. This was not always to my liking, because I wanted Tucker to insist more in this issue, not letting Sabrina sail to far from him. Here I consider that they both made a mistake, he being very careful in giving her space and she for not trusting him enough to share all her thoughts and fears. But eventually, everything worked out, it was kind of a slow burn for them and let me hanging until the last pages of the book, but it was worthy.

I particularly enjoyed the second part of the book, the first one we got to read about in The score, but from Dean and Allie’s perspective. I liked having the team together again, Hannah/ Garret and Grace/Logan were so much fun and enjoyable. Dean on the other hand kind of disappointed me, you will see why. I understood his point of view but when love is concern, people change. He was to judgemental on Sabrina, and had his own example to follow when seeing what love can do to a person in matter of perspective and attitude.

I loved how things developed for this couple, because they deserved it completely. They are a good example of different personalities brought together by something that wasn’t planned, but at the end turned out they wouldn’t dream in being in any other place but this present they are living.
I enjoyed Tucker and Sabrina’s story and consider it the best from this series, although the plot is not so complicated, the message spread is so valuable and you have a lot to learn from it.


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