Meeting The Unpredictable by Riann C. Miller

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

Thank God I’ve found this book!! I was in need of a warming yet dramatic love story and I got what I’ve wanted.
I usually enjoy love stories about a nice girl and a bad boy, but this book was not disappointing even when the roles were reversed.

As you know, I don’t like spoilers and my main focus will be on the main characters.
Lennie is a wild soul, with a tormented childhood that happened mostly in hospitals and looking for treatments for her leukemia. As the title tells us, she is unpredictable, always on the run, not making roots and attaching herself to people and places. I admired her sincerity, the way she is so straight forward with everything in her life. She is sweet and wild in the same time, showing vulnerability masked by strength, and being a very difficult person to contain.

When she met Tyler, her next door neighbor, she makes it her mission to enlarge his idea of life and fun. Tyler in essence is very like Lennie, but hide his personality due to a heartbreaking experience that marked him 6 years ago.
At the beginning Lennie is literally a pain in the ass for Tyler. She is adventure to his mild personality, the pepper to his salt, the life to his secluded and guard self. He didn’t see it right away, but the physical attraction is only the surface to the connection they have. They will change each others life, giving mutually things that were to deep hidden, it took a lot of love to get them to resurface.

I enjoyed so much this bonding and connecting the two characters had. Lennie thought Tyler so much, to give love a chance, to go out and experience the wonders of the word and to try to forgive the harm that was inflicted to him all this time.

Tyler also was a true gift for Lennie. He accepted her and loved her without hesitation. They blend so perfectly together and were a perfect match.
He was perfection, exactly the guy every girl deserves to have. He was patient, yet determined, gentle and just adorable. He stood by Lennie even in the worst of times and it was admirable how he can love so unconditionally.
They were perfect for each other, fixing old wounds that didn’t healed properly, giving a new definition of second chance and loving again.

I also enjoyed the secondary characters and I hope the writer will give Jodi and Chad a chance to be together.
To conclude, a stunning and sad story, with a great message behind it, with amazing
characters that will make you cry and laugh.
It truly was an amazing book, and I’ve read it without breathing.

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